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  • Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 16:31

It was an Outrage... In my IJN SS2 I got 70k attack... not a Bad battle... And how much
EXP do i get? 9k exp 0.o" I don't think Subs should get 100% shared exp. Its just not
fair. That's like giving an MN CV a EXP Nerf because they can do a lot more damage than
other CVs and some BBs.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 18:00

No Thats just making it easier for BBs to pwn Subs... Its all based on skill. If you are a
good BB you are good enough to either Evade or defend yourself from a Sub. Leave SD and
Everything else as is. Just Give them more exp.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 17:39

Nerf SS SD & DP


Put torp damage experience back to what it was before SS caused it to be nerfed

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 17:09

I totally agree. rec.
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