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  • Continous Crashes

    03. 16. 2011 14:22

I never experienced these crashes before...
After soviets and all these patches crashes started...
I use Windows 7...
it crashes especially when I do alt-tab....
but it may crash during game too
please help
tanks in advance

Edit = I also observed... after some crashes (not all) updater downloads a file 1.4
mb ..

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 28. 2011 09:13


I know its a pain to reinstall the game but that sounds like the right

Make sure you un-install the game and then go back in and delete the
remaining folders and then reboot.

Then install a clean version and make sure if you are using a x64 bit version
that the program in installed into the Program Files(x86) folder.

As it finishes installing dont start the game just exit the installer, and reboot.
Once it is restarted rt click on the desktop shortcut and make sure it is set
to "run as administrator" and in maximized mode.
Dont make any other changes yet.

Launch the game and let HS update itself and when you get to the login
screen just hit escape and exit the game. Once it is closed launch it and
login and see if you can get into the game

BBR_InsUW - Nebraska Mod

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 28. 2011 04:59

Same Problem here... most often having a crash rather having a finished game.. also
using win7 32-bit...

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 28. 2011 04:49

Tried the suggestions above. It didn't work. I can't even start my game anymore.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 16. 2011 15:08

ok just a couple of Ideas

Try without loading the radioman into the red circle

Make sure if you are using a x64 system that the game is installed in the proper
folder "Program Files (x86)"

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 16. 2011 12:44

Just today, in the past 5 hours, I have crashed 8 times. Each of the crashes occured in
the battleroom.

Using Windows 7 as well if that means anything.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 16. 2011 11:44

Same here totaly unplayable, at the end of every match the game crashes lost

well i wondering when they will fix it, c'us i cant play and my premium is runing out

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 16. 2011 10:49

My game is totally unplayable now. I've reinstalled it and now it just won't start up. The
updater loads along with the hackshield, then my screen would go black as normal before
the NF loading screen. But before the NF loading screen comes up, it says NF is not
responding and just closes.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 15. 2011 13:17

I know this may sound silly


I did the full reinstall and manually made it install into the x86 folder and the same
with updater, note it tries to go into the regular program files.

After that I did not set any compatibility options and the game seems to be running
better than before and less in game crashes.

I do note that I usually have to run the launcher twice before I get it to load, after
that I am good to go

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 15. 2011 12:47

so there is nothing to do with these random crashes ?

nowadays the crashes got less frequent but they re still there.. can crash in the middle
of the game

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 15. 2011 09:29

Unfortunately, installing in x86 didn't help. I use a 64-bit vista too. In fact, after
installing it there, my game can't start up at all.
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