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  • Patch 1.319

    05. 11. 2011 19:00

Servers will be down on the night of May 11th, from 11PM through 1AM (2 hours)
Pacific Standard Time. (May 12th, 06:00 -> 08:00 GMT/UTC time)

Patch 1.319

1. Formation of escorts no longer require credits.
2. Warning message about entering Blitzkrieg rooms has been added when
a submarine in your ship tree.
3. The image for overheat gauge has been improved. You will now see it turn red
when it is in use, and return to green when recovering from use.
4. The member requirement (over 30) for declaring Harbor Assault will count squad
members properly.

Thank you,

Here's the deal menz. We all load up CL escorts with sonar, and watch all the subs
moan and whine about how they can't be stealthy anymore. Then after many tears
are made we will give a big jajajaja.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 08:56


If you can't steer away from a ship traveling at 20kts there's something wrong with you. I
think having your whole team lit up with sonar is more important than BB's being able to
leech in a straight line.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 08:39

Do not understand number one men. It was a big credit sink and now it's been turned off?

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 04:58

i see abuse of using escorts in the game already... free escort formation = bad... maybe
next patch giving 30% xp to escort rofl...

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 02:04

Escort with sonar, then add KM/MN/IJN anti-air and to top it all off, max out its bulge.


Alternativly add pompoms to emeralds and attempt to desync game.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 01:50

so now if i use a ff escort i wouldnt need to pay anything right?(ff dont need repair cost)

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 11. 2011 22:40

-like the cost of makin escorts still have to pay to reload and
repair...a petty 2-4 grand to make it is nothing

-the bb still whine more....nerf the sub nerf the subs is all i see out there

i dont cry either ... im fact it's more of a challenge... more of the desire to do better
and learn new tactics.( but the good thing for you is the more i learn the more you
learn so the ss are a benefit to you which you ridicule) without subs yould be out of

judging from statistics ....subs still kill more subs than asw ships..therefore the best
weapon against subs is a sub

only a few asw ships in the top 30 ss kills...the rest are to me the subs still
own the sub world ...i can understand your hatred for ss just
jealous :)

asw are nothing to me ... the escorts just get in the way ...the problem you may
have is i dont care about your escort...if im coming for you ....your escort is not going
to stop me...sure you can run away and wait for me to surface like you always do...
but to play just to kill one sub? lol you must get killer experience

most of the time i see you... you are the last one running around in the back behind
your dead team about to get swarmed by my how you slam us sub drivers
is just lame... a real man would take it how it is...and shows respect to other players

so your dilusions of how more escorts are going to make ss cry is just false..its more
food for me so...bring it on...if anything ill be the one laughing to the bank (as well
as many other sub players)

i am sorry you dont have a passion for subs like some of us do.... i have always
been fascinated by submarines

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 11. 2011 22:32

so no cost on escourts then remove tk penalty on the things most players dont
seem to realize the chaos these things cause yeah nice make it slow so it creaps
behind you and crooses every 1, time for no escourt rooms or poof there goes your

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 11. 2011 22:21

1.idc my escort always cross me its
2.just flower message.
3.i think last patch is ok..lets find this new patch if its helpful.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 11. 2011 22:13

more escorts = more blindness, ya like this isn't another fail patch.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 11. 2011 22:07

I like to make the slowest possible escort with the highest repair rate. under 20kts is
usually good for a bb escort. If you think a sub is coming for you, you just have to go
back and get close to your escort.

PCL's are great. The only subs that can effectively kill a 900 sd PCL are KM. US subs seem
to whack away at them all day.
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