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  • HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 03:52

Harbour Assault Tokyo
20 minutes left
almost untouched defence aaaaaaaand.... all CS Fleet ships in HT fall in one moment ...

1) Congrats Fleet Germany, its nice that you gave up the chance to win fair (before you ask - when
Red Sky fall in our HA some time ago, we left the room and start it again )

2) Congrats SDE - continue in developing of new nations, its important to have plenty new ships to
have something to crash with....


  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 06:27

Hey there,

well we know that we wont be able to hold this harbor forever - but we will try our

Honestly, almost everyone would have acted the way we did. And I am pretty sure
that we would have taken the Harbor even without your crashes.

You gave us a really nice HA and it was not easy for us!! So I do not want to say you
were playing bad, dont get me wrong please!

I just think we would have taken it anyways..

I find it kinda sad that we talked to some CS Fleet Members after the HA and most of
them said "no problem" .. We all know that NF is NOT
bug free and most likely never will be. We all know that HA is not the best working
game mode in NF.

The one to blame is not Fleet GER but the HA Game Mode that really needs an
improvement - in my opinion.

We, just like you, lost HAs before because many people crashed. Next time maybe
you will be the lucky one.

  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 06:16

NIborGER : well, at least 20 BB6 , 4 CV6, + several subs and other , its not perfect but enough to hold
you for rest of time ( especially when you had quite a lot of BB5 there ), but thats no to important.
Important from my point of view is, that your fleet decided for "win at all cast". Its pitty. Its very likely,
that in next month you will lose in HA with some superfleet (we knew that we will not hold it forewer)
and than you will have no harbour and also no glory.

15 minutes left ? We had about 10 when we retreated from RS HT , last battle took only 6 minutes
then, but we choose to be fair before cheap capturing of harbour...

I must agree it was very funny HA, really, but that end... pitty.

  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 05:59

Lack of Respect.

Simple. Before every HA I (as the Jedi HA Leader) contact and establish who the leader of
the opposing fleet is (AH decided not to reply...) and tell them if there are any problems
to deal directly with me.

How hard is that simple little bit of respect? We haven't had any problems taking
undefended harbours or having problems with disconnects because we talk to the other fleet
about it before hand.

  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 05:42

don't worry men, in a fit of madness I woke up early today and recorded the HA. Sooner or
later it will be up for all to see and nerd rage over :)

  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 05:35

Navyfields Broken and Admins Don't Care ? Huh ? What ?

  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 05:28

it shows only what SDE thinks...nothing!
they dont care or arent able to find and fix the HA bugs. + the known other bugs.
what they need are just some good developers, but those ones costs money. but
they prefer to buy a software like HS that isnt helpfull...and not paying good skilled
the wrong way again..sde fails...allways

  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 05:21

Its really a evil bug and we were really suprised and disapponited seeing all u crashing.

The reason why we "used" this bug was that there were just 15min left and starting a new
Horbour Tile room within 15min with waiting time and so on is rather impossible (btw your
defence wasnt almost untouched(atleast it didnt seemed so)). Furthermore as far as i know
our organisation contacted sk_bismarck and discussed this issue and he agreed to our
decission taking harbour while all CS fleet members have crashed in harbour room.

Another thing: exept the negative connection with the crash in Harbour room the HA was a
really good and challinging one and I would be glad to see CS Fleet attacking us next week.

  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 05:00

But i dont understand only 1 think. This bug is known since HA was launched. Its more than
2 or 3 years and noone can fix it. I think, taht someone fail, SDE fail...
I dont know game where are so ***** programators. I spent a lot of money and result?
Fornothink!! Old-new bugs and and awfull spirits of new ships.:(
I must completly agree with Andy...

I wish to SDE more angry players and bugs!


  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 04:57

whats fair in NF..or in our community? nothing!
its a big bunch of egoists. nothing else.
all what counts are the way they go to win. and if its fair or not. we all now the bugs
and the problems. so..whining and hoping that helps..doesnt help in any way. i
would do it on the same way to win.

  • Re : HA bug. Noo, really ??

    05. 14. 2011 04:14

Good luck finding someone in Flota Aleman that translates this text into German. Although,
there IS such a thing as the Google Translator...nvm then.
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