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  • If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    11. 09. 2005 13:23

Please, if you crash, every time you crash, Please check your Navy Field Folder
c:\program files\sdenternet\navyfield\) for any files ending with .rpt

If you find these files please send a copy with a breif description of what happened
before/during your crash, include the .rpt file with a Contact Support ticket.

If we do not do this the Dev team will have a much more difficult time in solving these

If you have not done so already, pleae look at the Stickied post Titled: "Common
Problems/Fixes. READ FIRST!" there may be something in there to help you out.



*edited by eze1 - removed [email protected] email address and replaced it with
Contact Support.*

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 25. 2010 18:33

Up until the Santa event I have hardly ever crashed.

Since then I've crashed, A LOT.

It has gotten so bad today in particular I've only been able to finish one GB II without crashing.

It is not my hardware. Nor my ISP connection. These have been unchanged for many months now
and like I said it has only been since the Santa event started.

I'll try one more thing then if I still can't get through without crashing I'm writing today off as a total
loss and go play something else until the Santa event ends. Maybe longer.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 24. 2010 12:25

Getting so tired of nf crashing all the time is it really worth my money and time to

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 18. 2010 08:11

had to uninstall NF it was making other progs fail 2 days and no respons guse ill just
file the game as dead for me.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 16. 2010 11:00

i cant play at all now it freezes and nf goes to not responding . did not have this
trouble last night. still have no log to give plz fix this i was looking fowerd to playing
this game agen

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 16. 2010 08:49

i havent played this sence the beta testing and just so hapend to remember this
game loded it started playing worked good then the auto patch pacthed it this
morning and now i lock up and crash almost every time.
looked in the rpt file to give the report and it is blank i run win 7.
didnt have this trouble till it auto patched this morning

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    09. 24. 2010 08:26

I've noticed that when my Internet connection goes down for a short while, the game seems
to freeze as in the graphics doesn't update, but the sound of the ingame continues.

After a few minutes of not updating it usually crashes.

I have a reason to suspect that it is caused when the program can't resume when lots of
packages are dropped, so thought about giving heads up on this.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    09. 18. 2010 15:05

Mayby antyvir delet?

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    09. 17. 2010 11:46

Thx i try it

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    09. 17. 2010 11:40

You know, I realize that this is a VERY complex program. Anything with this many
elements has GOT to be a biatch to stay on top of.

That said, I'm perturbed that if I'm mid battle and it crashes, when I reboot, the
program has NO PROBLEM remembering that I was sunk before the game crashed,
forcing me to pay for the refloating of the hulk. Yet it doesn't know what I would
have earned as a result IF I had left the game at that point. At the very least, make
the game return you to your harbour when you restart the game at the same state
you were in BEFORE entering that battle. It would be only fair, don't ya think? And
I'm sure that wouldn't be that much of a programing headache. That should be a
simple matter of not transfering the data from the battle to your files on the server
UNTIL that battle finishes.

It would at least take some of the sting out of crashing.



  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    08. 19. 2010 17:34

I dont know you made this post for what...
When we send you the files , you keep saying "thank you for your letter"
I think you are not contribute to solve the problems but make us a "hope"that never be
Navyfield is a good game but I dont know why employ those team nf to monitor the
,this game is just totally copy from korean ,not developed by "Team NF" .I just want to
know what have "Team NF" done other than replying the letters with "standard
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