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  • Continous Crashes

    03. 16. 2011 14:22

I never experienced these crashes before...
After soviets and all these patches crashes started...
I use Windows 7...
it crashes especially when I do alt-tab....
but it may crash during game too
please help
tanks in advance

Edit = I also observed... after some crashes (not all) updater downloads a file 1.4
mb ..

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 06. 2011 15:20

same problem,Win7

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 06. 2011 00:19


NF, fix it.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 29. 2011 14:00

Do see some tnf in technical support?

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 29. 2011 10:37

As a Player of the game I have the same issues as all of you. Some days are better than
others and some are far worse. I have tried every tweak and option I know and have
offered them to folks with issues.

Several of them are very good fixes, and several are just hopes that it helps.

Oh and as a Mod its exactly the same, either way we have the same experience

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 29. 2011 09:38

NF please do something about this.. I posted like this also.. A lot of players been
experiencing this problem. Put a solution on this..

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 29. 2011 09:36

I also get these crash problems a lot, but it is not during certain time periods as some
have suggested. If I join 20 games, 14 of those are crashes(I did a test). I have talked
to mods about this, I did not use to have these problems.. why have there been to
replies.. I am glad my money is being put to use on making these servers run nicely.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 29. 2011 09:30

It is not a Win7 or vista, XP experiences the same issues only slightly more stable but
not much. Most of my crashes come later in the evening around 6pm Pacific time. NF is
almost unplayable for me after that, I will freeze while waiting for start 3 out of 5
NF no more new things just make the game stable for all . This has been ongoing not just
after Soviet patch, just got worse.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 29. 2011 09:08


NF, reply.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 18. 2011 14:49

Using win7 also, I blame SN patch :/

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 17. 2011 23:58


NF really need to step up their act to maintaing the game. So many crashes and bugs
despite so many years of activity. Either they are not listening to us, or they just can't
be bothered to solve the problem because they are still making money out of everybody

I'm using Vista 64-bit.
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