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  • Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 07. 2007 09:05

First... did you know that you can customize your game music? it's easy:

1)If you can see and change file extentions, skip this step
(note: names might be inaccurate, im translating them from spanish)

a)Go to Tools>Folder Options>See (2nd Tag)
b)Uncheck "hide file extentions ..."
go there

then there

and you must have that UNCHECKED (in english it should be something like
"hide file extentions ...")

2)Pick the music you like for the game

3)Go to your Navy Field game folder and then go to Sound folder

4)Make a copy for all the .cxf files there (safety purposes) and paste them in another
folder (i suggest making a folder in Sound called "Default")

5)Move the music you picked for the game to Sound folder

6)Change the name and extention to match the part of the game you want them into:

Battle.cxf=in battle music
Winning.cxf=after sunk, if you're winning
Losing.cxf=after sunk, if tou're losing
GMN.cxf=KM harbour
UK.cxf=RN harbour
US.cxf=USN harbour
JPN.cxf=IJN harbour
BM002: Battle Channel music (When you're searching for a game.)
BM003: Unknown
BM004.cxf=exp screen when lost
BM005: Game launch music (launches on EULA screen)
BM007: Neutral Shipyard music
BM008.cxf=exp screen when won

National anthems:
USN Harbour: USA Anthem (nice flute, oboe, violin and cello version)
RN Harbour: God bless the King/Queen
KM Harbour: Germany Anthem, cant remember its name and im too lazy to search :P
srry, couldnt find the jap Anthem... if someone sends me a version, ill add it.

Hellsing (Anime) Theme:
Battle:Incognito's theme
Winning:Alucard's song
Losing:Sea of chaos - expectations of the creator
BM004 (lost):Anderson's theme
BM008 (won):World without logos (opening song)
(**** internet... it's too lagged right now, ill upload this one later)

i hope you like it

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    08. 22. 2007 17:34

Good post but before I start downloading music that I want to use, maybe you can tell us
what format would work with the rename.. (.wav, .mp3, .aac, ..etc.)

Can I rename my .mp3 file.. (example: Rammstein - Du Hast.mp3 to battle.cxf) and paste it
in the sounds folder?


  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    08. 22. 2007 13:35

Bump, updated with some images

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 20. 2007 02:58

I've only edited my Battle music ^^

Escape by Craig Armstrong

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 20. 2007 02:01

Gangrel, could you please upload the rest of the music you promised?
I'd really like to have the Hellsing themes ingame.

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 20. 2007 01:49

I have Rage Against the Machine - Renegades of Funk as my battle and winning music
Korn - Blind as my loosing music
Smoke on Water - Deep Purple as US harbor
Beer! - Psychostick as starting music

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 19. 2007 21:38

@ ElGuapoD2

I rather like that version of the battle hymn. It does indeed fit well in NF. I'll switch
to it when I get sick of Anchors Aweigh. : )

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 19. 2007 02:17

I put on some fast paced music when I use my z99 to rush
maybe i'll do better :D

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 18. 2007 19:14

I use "Battle Hymn of the Republic" for my US harbor. It fits perfectly.....

It's the top tune on this page:

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 13. 2007 20:25

nice! upload it when you get it

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 13. 2007 20:07

The music from HoI2 *does* go very well in NF. I use one of the pieces from that game (a
very excellent game, at that) as the battle music.

EDIT: Now that I think on it, there's a Japanese theme from that game that would probably
be an excellent choice for the Tokyo harbor music. : )
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