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  • What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 11:42

listed below incase of sticky.

search tip:

press Ctrl+F in Firefox, and you can search individual words.


  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 15:16

UGH...penguin... I've seen better.....

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 13:37

I'll rec this, yea

**edit for language, frfghtr560**

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 12:59

Pants down to DS! This should be stickied on ALL new forum member's browser I say.

w00t ! 1st Recc!

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    09. 01. 2008 12:44

nice one shadow this should get stickey

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    09. 01. 2008 12:18

"""""the search on your browser works here. """""

all for the better eh?:D

so therefore:

Everyone should dump their Internet Explorer and change to Firefox!!!


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    09. 01. 2008 12:12

you know what dark? the search on your browser works here.

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 12:05

new posters really needs to look for other suggestions of the same type... waaaay
to many old topic's being re-posted...

go dark_shadow!

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    09. 01. 2008 11:49

I vote this be stickied and maintained by shadow...

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    09. 01. 2008 11:48



edited 24.06.09


Time to update it.
Neut lv'ling/exp related
more subs
Realism (hah yea, fat chance)
negative recommends etc.

ahem* this one will be horribly long... but please bear with me.

Thx to Rengokuy*
for alphabetical order
Thx to Shadistic*

edit note:

I WILL add stuff to the list if you find something that's not in it. please write it, or
PM me, and i'll see to adding it.
that includes faulty information.

**************************Currently denied*************************
No threads about submarines
reason: we still haven't seen the last tier subs, and therefore, bal issues should NOT BE
MADE AS OF 11.09.08
threads include: Buff/Nerf, hotkeys, torps, speed, guns, smokebombs, HP, DP and so on
just because something was turned down, doesn't mean it will NEVER happen, and do note
that some suggestions are very good regardless.
* = much emphasis
- = turned down
< = already in(to varying degrees)
> = being worked on as of 02-09-08

* *insert ship here* sucks/pwns Nurf/buff
- 2 or more persons controlling 1 ship
-< ability to personalize ship sprites
- ability to trade regardless of credit/point
- Advertisements
* Aircraft formation
* Alliances
APA gametype
- arcade/jukebox when sunk
ASW weapons (Hedgehog, squid, DC change, setup, nurf/buff)
-< Axis vs. Allies
* bars/lights to indicate OH
-* better A.I
-* Better water/waves.
* borderhumping solutions.
- bring back Charlie, Delta ++++ teams
- Buying credits for $ or Points
BB34AA patch whines
- changeable names for GB/Blitz Signs
Change/remove guns on SBB
Change/remove guns on Subs
-* Changes to blitz/GB
- changes to language filter
* Changes to split&go for GB/Blitz
* changes/updates to sailor rolling
-< Changing default map
* close border/warning sounds
- Collisions(ship, aircraft)
Colour/Color(ship, torpedo, ammo, planes)
Counter (plane kills etc)
Cursor changes (gun/torp/aa modes)
< CV's in Blitzkrieg
Damage control (alocation of effort towards engine, repair, restore)
Damaged/destroyable equipment(weapon, engine, FCS, planes)
Damage sprites
Depth charges from planes (Scout/DB/TB)
- Duds/unactivated torpedo changes
- Embedded ingame NF Music player
emergency systems (turning/steer, emergency dodge++)
- emotions such as smileys
- EXP related topics (GB's, Blitz, Event related, various gamemodes, buffing prem,
making gain fair+++++, in short, if it contains "more/less" exp, it's been made already).
> EXP for HA (with changes to HA we don't know what will come out).
- Fighter-bombers
- Fire related(burns, flamethrowers, napalm, fireships++)
- Flagship perks
*- Fleet sailor/ship/credit bank
.- fleet tenders (such as tankers, and ammo ships)
- free movement of accounts cross servers
Free roam(free movement to battlearea).
- GB room size change
- Graphical Revamp (resolution, 3D+++)
-* gun Storage hangar
* Harbor assault changes/requests for comeback
Harbor chat area(like ingame battle, only a huge chat room)
- Heavy bombers
Hedgehogs (buffs, nerfs, changes, adds, removes+++)
- Helicopters
- "Hey guys" posts
- homing torpedoes
-* host kick/wakeup function
host minimum level/level requirement
Hotkeys(critical dive, various CV functions)
- I love/Hate TNF/player Ban/Unban plz
-* increase sailor space
- ingame prem item trading
- ingame punish fuction
- Kamikaze
- Land based Aircraft
- Level Requirements (chat, GB's Blitzes)
- lifeboats/Rafts
- Making permabans non perma
- Medium bombers
meters/gauges(battery, ammo, fuel).
midget/mini subs
Mini Map(dot colour change, plane markers, clan/friend marker)
- Missiles/rockets
- Modern Era fighters, bombers, ships
- more events
- more guns
- more playing maps
- mute/unmute players ingame
- Napalm/firebomb
- Negative Recc's
- nerf this, buff that topics of all kinds
*> new nations
< Night/day/dusk/dawn scenes
- Nuclear warheads/bombs
offline message system
Op Con fixes
- Pause Button
Perpetual battles
Planes, secondary gunners, backwards firing, more bombs(refer near the bottom).
premium ships/guns/planes/ammo/anything that could cost money.
- PT boats In ALL it's aspects
Punish/forgive TK
- random spam
- REALISM-related posts
- removal of blockshots
- removal/expand of fleet penalty
Sailor immediate removal off ship
- sailor promotions
Server spesific forums/Subforums.
Soft Defense changes
- Ship Collisions
- Ship limiting
- ship Machineguns/changeable AAW guns
< ship organizing in harbour
- Ship/gun physics changes
- solutions to friendly fire
sonar(deploy from scout, placeable).
*<> Sound Revamp (possible sound pack)
- spectating
- stop exp gain
- Strafing
- Submarines (equipment, buff/nurf, cosmetical changes, text changes, weapon, add to
blitz, limits, smoke bombs, aircraft). (wait and see)
- Support Ships(Fire ships, tankers, ammo)
> T4-5-6 Planes
- Torpedo nets
- Tug boats
Turret lock
- various forms of punishment for TK of planes
- various game modes
- Various outfittings for planes, (fueltanks, rockets and the like).
- Various Outfittings for Submarines(changes, buffs, nerfs).
- Various types of missions
various uses for scouts (Depth charges, small bombs).
- Vet death removal
- vote to kick host
- Waypoint movement for ships/planes
- Weather/climatic changes
- Zeppelins/Barrage baloons
* Zoombug in all it's forms and shapes

USELESS ideas, suggest these... and you will be flamed senseless, called a retard, and
denoted as a complete failure at searching, therefore, do not
suggest them.

incase some "less intellectual" people come around, i'll make it perfectly clear:
either due to irrelevancy for WW2, or just being a complete messup of the balance, and/or
beyond reasonable limits of uselessness.

jets (seriously...)
missiles (yes, a missile launcher exists in NF)
Laser Guided bombs
PT boats (with subs, this one is not retarded still, it's only been suggested before).
EXP stuff (UNLESS something get's blown over, like f.example not recieving ANY exp in GB's
due to a bug/error it would only be appropriate to request a fix).
BUT, unless something changes to the EXP system... then there's no use in making these.
torpedo nerf
DP nerf
space nerf
deck guns
mini subs
guided torps
subs are not overpowered
subs are overpowered
scouts with DC
spotting changes
T4 Subs
Prem subs
DC buff/nerf
Squid launcher

Everything concerning subs. really, it has been made before... (not counting indecently
useless things such as : Flying subs!!!!" heheheh).

if search turns up blank in vain efforts to prove me wrong, note that i have read and
looked at undefined topic names, that contained the information.


that's just some that's been made before.

there are lots more, most likely, it's been made before.

edited as i progress through the wasteland which is page 100+ in suggestions

bring the flames! i eat flames for breakfast.
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