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  • Continous Crashes

    03. 16. 2011 14:22

I never experienced these crashes before...
After soviets and all these patches crashes started...
I use Windows 7...
it crashes especially when I do alt-tab....
but it may crash during game too
please help
tanks in advance

Edit = I also observed... after some crashes (not all) updater downloads a file 1.4
mb ..

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 17. 2011 12:27

Using Vista here.
Yesterday the game was fine, now I've crashed twice waiting in the battle room, one that I
started...and now the exe file stops working?

Just to get the game to work after the SN patch, I had to delete everything, and
reinstall, and patch the game before even playing.

How many years has this game been around, and this problem happens EVERY time there's a
major patch? Come on people, really?

Really, 5.5hours later, and NO REPLIES? typical.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 17. 2011 11:07

just today after maintenance, ive had 4 crashes in the waiting room out of 5 attempts.
After suffering from extreme lag after SN came last week, now comes this. Im also using
Windows 7.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 17. 2011 01:15

Windows 7 keeps crashing in the waiting room for battles. Cant find a solution too?

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 16. 2011 23:11

same here!
3 out of 5 times i'll crash as soon as i start waiting in the battleroom.
sometimes it'll crash during the battle as well. but its mostly as soon as i enter the
battleroom to wait.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 16. 2011 16:45

are you crashing when the battle starts, or when you enter the battle room and start waiting?

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 16. 2011 16:42

yes that happens too... enter the battleroom... and instant crash...

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    03. 16. 2011 16:24

It's the same here
I often crash at battleroom. I rarely crash after the battle starts. In general
everything freezes at battle room.
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