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  • Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 07. 2007 09:05

First... did you know that you can customize your game music? it's easy:

1)If you can see and change file extentions, skip this step
(note: names might be inaccurate, im translating them from spanish)

a)Go to Tools>Folder Options>See (2nd Tag)
b)Uncheck "hide file extentions ..."
go there

then there

and you must have that UNCHECKED (in english it should be something like
"hide file extentions ...")

2)Pick the music you like for the game

3)Go to your Navy Field game folder and then go to Sound folder

4)Make a copy for all the .cxf files there (safety purposes) and paste them in another
folder (i suggest making a folder in Sound called "Default")

5)Move the music you picked for the game to Sound folder

6)Change the name and extention to match the part of the game you want them into:

Battle.cxf=in battle music
Winning.cxf=after sunk, if you're winning
Losing.cxf=after sunk, if tou're losing
GMN.cxf=KM harbour
UK.cxf=RN harbour
US.cxf=USN harbour
JPN.cxf=IJN harbour
BM002: Battle Channel music (When you're searching for a game.)
BM003: Unknown
BM004.cxf=exp screen when lost
BM005: Game launch music (launches on EULA screen)
BM007: Neutral Shipyard music
BM008.cxf=exp screen when won

National anthems:
USN Harbour: USA Anthem (nice flute, oboe, violin and cello version)
RN Harbour: God bless the King/Queen
KM Harbour: Germany Anthem, cant remember its name and im too lazy to search :P
srry, couldnt find the jap Anthem... if someone sends me a version, ill add it.

Hellsing (Anime) Theme:
Battle:Incognito's theme
Winning:Alucard's song
Losing:Sea of chaos - expectations of the creator
BM004 (lost):Anderson's theme
BM008 (won):World without logos (opening song)
(**** internet... it's too lagged right now, ill upload this one later)

i hope you like it

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 07. 2007 20:38

Oh cool, someone else who uses "Anchors Aweigh".

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 07. 2007 18:39

you could go to the same site i used to upload mine... it would be good to have something
like a library of game music.

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 07. 2007 17:18

I customized many of the tracks. I chose:

--For New York, "Anchors Aweigh"
--For London, "Rule, Britannia!"
--For Hamburg, I rotate between a number of German marches, since Germany is my primary
nation in NF, and I like to mix the tunes up every once in a while. My selections
currently include Julius Fucik's "Danubia" and "Fest Und Treu," Carl Tieke's "Alte
Kameraden" and "Graf Zeppelin Marsch," and Georg Fuerst's "Badenweiler Marsch." I'm trying
to find an instrumental version of "Die Wacht Am Rhein."
--Tokyo's music I left as the default. I couldn't find an appropriately Japanese-sounding
clip from anywhere.
--For the sign-in screen, "Battle of Midway March"
--For the battle win screen, the "Leningrad March"
--For the battle loss screen, a Russian march called "The Sacred War"

The specific versions I picked are very good, and I believe they suit the atmosphere of
the game well, particularly the pieces I chose for the harbors. If anybody wants any of
these songs, PM me with your e-mail address and I'd be happy to send them to you; I can't
remember where I found them all.
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