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  • Grid System for Map

    07. 07. 2011 19:25

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I dont know if this has been suggested or not, but incase it hasn't i figured i'd throw it out there.

A grid system for the map. on the X and Y axis of the map there is already room for simple A,B,C etc.. and 1,2,3..etc.
 Having to say "SS @ 56/71" or "CV @ 112/67", gets some people looking a little too much.

Why not just have something like? CV A4 or BB6 F6? It may not be precise as the current method to call out targets,
but it would make it easier in general to call out a target, or request support of some sort (Air Cover, Smoke Bombs)

Just a Suggestion. (:


  • Re : Grid System for Map

    07. 07. 2011 19:31

Good suggestion, but this is already (somewhat) in game.

They have custom HUDs, some have grids.

  • Re : Grid System for Map

    07. 08. 2011 00:38

Call the target in comparison to a ship close to it.

Like SS north, a screen away west of the monty.

If there is more than one monty, then use the fleet or something.

Just like in a car you wouldn't use GPS coordonate but you'd say just past exit # or 20 miles from X city.