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  • Anomalous IJN gun.

    06. 20. 2012 04:51


Yesterday when fiddling with AA guns setups for one of my ships i noticed there are 2 6.1" A trips.

One was the well known 6.1" DP gun popular on Yamato, SY and Amagi while the other one had several traits that made it unusual.

- It costs 0 credits.
- Despite being a "A" type gun it requires normal gunners. 
- It can hold all types of shells 
- Its HE shells have caliber set to 253 (while AP shells have 3 or 4)
- It has stats identical to 6.1" D guns aside of a faster reload. 

I don't know how long the gun was in the game but i assume it came in one of the recent patches. 


  • Re : Anomalous IJN gun.

    06. 20. 2012 09:16


What ship were you using?

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  • Re : Anomalous IJN gun.

    06. 20. 2012 13:35


I first saw them when i was setting up my shiny new Amagi a day or two ago.
However i can see them on all ships that can fit them.

They are at the bottom of the list lower even than HH.

I even tested them with a fleetmates AW QV in case they can go through armor and turns out they have horrible spread even with 120 gunners and they do get partially bounced (Heavy HE does about 250 damage per gun for every hit on 11" deck).

  • Re : Anomalous IJN gun.

    07. 19. 2012 19:44


I've been noticing these too. They are at the bottom of my IJN gun list. I've never used them before.