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    06. 23. 2012 12:50


Which guns should you be using on the Hood?


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    06. 23. 2012 12:57


15"/42 cal Mark III L

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    06. 23. 2012 14:53


the quad 14" L are also a lot of fun if you hvae god cvs covering you

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    06. 28. 2012 19:25


Originally Posted by loppy

15"/42 cal Mark III L

no need to use 15" Mark III L , just go for the N ones its much lighter and sinced its bugged it got same range as the L guns



the left (15" Mark III ) and the right (Mark III L), the N seems to have range jump sometimes mkaingit farther than the L ones


*ship i use for test is Vanguard with lvl 103 gunners with 200 vets and full experts

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    06. 29. 2012 00:10


Four Nelly 16"L Mark I triples is a very nice setup, too.

Same range as 14"Ls, the 16"Ls Mark I have slightly better spread and better damage.


Not to be confused with the 16"L Mark II - those have much less range (they seem to be broken).

  • Re : Hood Guns

    07. 20. 2012 04:14


I would prefer the 15" Mark III L guns for the range.

A sucker punch blow, if you want to have fun would be to mount the Quad 14" Ns and watch anything in range eat a concentrated 16 shot shell burst. Not a good move if you're just starting out as the range is nowhere near as far as the 15s.

The Nelson 16" Mark I Ls are nice for a decent punch and range. Just be sure you have the angles right or the rushing ships will have a Hood sandwich.

Only problem with the Hood is that it is the largest ship out there. If you see a Bismarck, charge him if you have the quads. He'll get a kick out of it. =) 

Oh, and for the record, my gunners are at 120. So the reload time is not that big of a bother.