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  • Auto-Kick loaders

    07. 08. 2011 12:31

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So with the game awesome stability lately, we can all agree that people that crash coming into the room are common.  They end up as loader, and host have to find them, then kick them, then hope there isnt another loading somewhere

However, since the game detects them, why cannot it auto-kick them from the room after, say, 20 second, or 10 second after came close? That would make it considerably easier on the host, and would avoid needing to explain to a new player that is hosting what a loader is...

Or a "kick loaders" button with a 10-15 sec countdown.

I'm pretty sure its doable, a bit like some game servers in other online games kick you out if you are pinging too high.

Ideally, it must be done BEFORE the split in case its a BB/CV that is loading and would upset the balance of the room, so the host can reopen if needed.


  • Re : Auto-Kick loaders

    07. 08. 2011 13:27

I agree, when your host and you have to find them induvidually, and countdown till they you can ban the loaders, is annoying and really becomes a nuisance when hosting.


  • Re : Auto-Kick loaders

    07. 10. 2011 21:16

or the host could not be lazy and find them and click on them. that takes maybe 10 seconds vs your 20 seconds to detect them and kick them.

  • Re : Auto-Kick loaders

    07. 10. 2011 22:18

The server rules ask for a 10 sec grace period after room close to kick loaders. That would simply respect that.

Some hosts are sometime new at the game and have trouble finding the "loader". In big room it can be a pain also, with 64+ people. Even more in 128 players normal room.

I'm suggesting this mainly because I figure if the game already detects them it can prolly kick them as well, or it wouldn't need a total overhaul to do it.

Its just annoying when a room disband due to an host that can't find the darn loader(s).