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  • SPRing v0.5.1

    07. 08. 2011 15:27

so ive found the SPRing program to open the sprites for the game but im having a little trouble incorperating all the parts of the sprite together to make one whole picture and i cant figure out how to make all the little pieces come together. is there another program or can someone help me figure out how to use it? the problem is some of the text for the program is in japaneese? chineese? something like that. any help is greatly appreciated =)


  • Re : SPRing v0.5.1

    07. 08. 2011 17:11


  • Re : SPRing v0.5.1

    07. 11. 2011 08:00

Rarely, its like this:

The sprite is made up of the hull, the bridge, sometimes a seperate antenna or tower, etc. so there are multiple layers. If you want the whole pic you have to select the sprites for all of them. usually they are numbered 0000 through 0035 if i recall correctly. so select all the 0001 sprites for instance, not the sinking ones though, and merge those.

  • Re : SPRing v0.5.1

    07. 12. 2011 04:42

Has anyone else had any trouble running SPRing v0.5.1 on Windows 7?

I have tried it on two computers, one 32 bit the other 64 bit. Both should have the correct versions of Java R.E. 6 for offline use. Both running Win 7 Home Premium, and think I tried SPRing before and after install of SP1 for Win 7.

One PC gives error when trying to export the BMP, the other PC gives same or different error when importing edited file of same name.

I had SPRing v0.5.1 working on the same 32 bit PC with Win XP SP2, before hard drive trouble. Any ideas to help get it to work with Win 7 would be great! Think I tried all the Compatibility Modes.

  • Re : SPRing v0.5.1

    07. 12. 2011 05:32

I know how to get SPRing started, but then I look in the ship sprites for a certain ship. I select the ship I want to edit, and I get a certain number in my bitmap folder.

When I try to merge the sprites, as you say, it says no sprites are selected.

How do I select them?