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  • [Neb] BB5 War Bracket & Schedule

    07. 11. 2011 02:29

The Bracket was generated on Seeds were placed in order of their sign up.
They were then shuffled X times, with X being the random number Galle picked;
(Note: I randomise who chooses this number; For the DD/CL/CA, it was flamingpanda).
Galle picked two, so it was shuffled twice. Then the top 4 from the previous fleet war were moved to the top.
Here are the screenshots:-

   8. (Actual final Bracket)

Requesting a Sticky Until the Event; For full rules, please go to:-

Stickied - Fox


  • Re : [Neb] BB5 War Bracket

    07. 11. 2011 02:41

A Note about the schedule;

It highly depends on how many referees I get, but in an ideal world:-

12Midday EST:-
Match 1:- AH2 vs Huaxia
Match 2:- Cavalry vs Armada Chilena
Match 3:- United Nations vs Flota Peruana

12:40pm EST
Match 4:- Jedi vs Match 1 winner
Match 5:- Jokers vs Brasil Forever
Match 6:- AH vs CS Fleet
Match 11:- TTF vs Jedi 2

1:20pm EST
Match 8:- Regalia vs Winners match 2
Match 9:- AA2 vs Flota Chile
Match 10:- PMW vs Winners Match 3
Match 7:- TT vs AA

1:40pm EST
Quarter Finals

2:20pm EST
Semi Finals

3pm EST

This however also depends on Desyncs/lateness and referee's, so matches may be delayed.

  • Re : [Neb] BB5 War Bracket & Schedule

    07. 11. 2011 08:38

If anyone wishes to discuss with the people organizing and ask questions, please follow the link for the event.

Since this thread is to inform, I will lock it for now.

  • Re : [Neb] BB5 War Bracket & Schedule

    07. 17. 2011 13:25