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  • Some constructive feedback on the website

    06. 22. 2011 09:31

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At first glance the new website looks better than the old one. But after using it for some time, I can already tell it's essentially the same website and forums, with a new skin and a few new problems. For example, the "Post new topic" page doesn't word wrap (wtf sde?).
All I really want from the NF site is an easy way to see events. The current way of seeing events is even worse than before, and it doesn't even say anywhere WHEN the event starts or specifically WHAT it is, all it says is more vet vonsersion and item drops, nothing more specific.
I know you hate being told other games are better, but look at Combat Arms. They have this nifty little box on the side that shows you what events are going on or upcoming, you clikc on it, and it takes you to the news page where it tells you exactly what it is. I don't have to click 3 different things to get there, and the image thing you guys like to do for your event posts is just not necessary.
Please enable right-clicking, I really don't understand your fixation with disabling it. Anything that we can do to your beloved website with right-click can be done from other places, except it takes longer. And having the entire bar as the link to the topic with no rollover animation or anything feels really old and clunky. I like to be able to see that I've hovering a link, especially since I often have to click back onto firefox to return the focus there (dual screen user) and I keep clicking on a topic bar, not realizing the entire thing is a link.
The new navbar is much better than the old one, and way more responsive, one of the things I actually like. The sidebar feels a bit weird, but we'll see if that takes getting used to.

Thanks for listening!