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  • made IJN/RN cvs illegal in gb2

    07. 14. 2011 07:50

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Last time we have too many bw cv noobs witch are too unskilled to play with fighters USN cv and play with tactic: camp flag and die win before our their flag die. I think it should be illegal to join gb2 without fighters with any cv other than US.
1. When non USN cv without ftrs have enemy USN ftrs near he is totally useless
2. this players dont use tbs and dbs to give vision credits after bombing (its too hard for child)
3. 1 shoot from db is more than full sqad of noob bbs who always miss.
4. no protection from other dbs/tbs because dodge is impossibl.
5. its made noob bbs angry (no scout, no aim, full leaching)
6. fw cvs are illegal on cv room (I dont know why, mods said that to that room cvs should have "offencive power" but hhs or guns PHH dont change this (good joke for sde))
7. this type of playing is like leaching, becouse without help of other cv or noobs in second team this type of cv cant do anything

Plz dont write only cry topic or sth like that. When u are against than write why.


  • Re : made IJN/RN cvs illegal in gb2

    07. 14. 2011 08:38

Yeah I mad.

How would you ever lvl up then. Dude you really have cv's this is the dumbest idea for so far.

  • Re : made IJN/RN cvs illegal in gb2

    07. 14. 2011 08:51

This thread is just to make fun about the other thread and not a real suggestion.

- Locked to prevent flaming.