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  • AA Reloap True Ability Cap

    07. 14. 2011 19:30

I have checked the old forum data about the reload cap of AA gunners. how ever, different AA gun set has different cap.
such as KM 0.8s AA gun's reload cap is about 0.4s.
Also, the relaod cap for a AA gunner is about 2.4m true ability.
but none of them give the exact answer about the following question:
what are the exact reload cap value of the gunner's true ability and the guns' reload time?

I did a small test about the IJN AA gun,  and got the following result

GUN TYPE                             TRUE RELOAD ABILITY                         RELOAD TIME (sec/fire)
6.1"/60 Type 3A                     1781472                                                    1.516
6.1"/60 Type 3A                     1639065                                                    1.636

I hope I can collect enough data to figure what the relaod cpas are, or we can have a curve about reload time vs true ability.
such as the curve about experience gain vs ship level on the trainworld.
It's almost impossible to do this by myself, since my gunners are already lv95 and maybe can't reach the cap at higher level.
So, I'm wondering if other players willing to help here.. ...

UK's AA gunner data is needed too.

Update 1
I did some test about the IJN AA on the test server,  it seems that the reload cap for IJN AA gunner should be around 2 - 2.18m true ability.
Here are the data and plot:

TRUN ABILITY 6.1"/60 Type 3A 4.7"/45 Type 10A 3"/60 Type 98A
2721576 1.363636364 0.725714286 0.445714286
2635776 1.363636364 0.725714286 0.442857143
2378376 1.363636364 0.725714286 0.442857143
2189616 1.358181818 0.72 0.442857143
2000856 1.44 0.76 0.485714286
1880736 1.478181818 0.8 0.480952381
1726296 1.592727273 0.8 0.557142857

True reload time VS True reload ability


  • Re : AA reload cap

    07. 14. 2011 19:34

1.74 is my rule.

  • Re : AA reload cap

    07. 14. 2011 20:16

2,7mil rounded up, the cap that works for all guns. Tested right after post patch on ability cap.

Unless you want to figure out the reload cap for each guns, be my guess. I give you the data, up to you if you want to trust me or not.

  • Re : AA reload cap

    07. 14. 2011 21:52

at least, I want to know the reload cap of IJN 6.1"/60 Type 3A

  • Re : AA reload cap

    07. 15. 2011 10:18

The reload cap is 40 percent of the published reload rate.

So, a gun with a 1s reload time can go as low as 0.4 sec and the gunner will need 2.7 mil true ability to reach it. And that is the same with any gun. All of them require 2.7 mil true ability to hit the reload cap and there are no special caps for AA specific guns.

Torp launchers are the only type of "gun" with a different cap, and they cap at 50 percent of published reload at ~500k true ability.