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  • Ammunition ships

    06. 22. 2011 11:17

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I suggest replentishment ships that replentish ammunition for ships. These would come
after the APA in the ship line. Here is a nice sprite of E-17, an ammunition
replentishment ship.

How it works: The ammo ship parks alongside the ship that needs ammo, that must
also be parked. The ammo ship has a small control panel to control ammo transfer, and
a certain number of shells/minute are transferred. The ammo ship gets a cred bonus
like AA for transferring ammo to other ships.

Transfered from old site. Had 13 recs then. 

The old one is on the first page of suggestions, same title. 


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    06. 22. 2011 11:18


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    06. 26. 2011 15:52

Bump, i want to hear your ideas about these blowing up next to ships and stuff.

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    06. 26. 2011 22:30

Originally Posted by silentsubusa
Bump, i want to hear your ideas about these blowing up next to ships and stuff.

LOL yea sink ammo ship resupplying BB and kills Both BB and supply ship LOL

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    06. 27. 2011 05:05

Why the need to add another ship to the APA line? How about just allowing the APAs to fill that roll, if the
APA player sets up the ship correctly in shipyard; If a new option was added into game. Say they add a
cargo (C slot) or a T slot (not used now on APAs). Then the user selects how much ammo they want to
carry, and that adds so many tons of displacement to the APA.

Then when the 2 ships are stopped in game, the APA player selects the T slot, move a shorter T slot
guideline over-top of the other ship and presses the fire button to start the ammo transfer.

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    06. 27. 2011 05:30

kitakami will have a lot torpedo^^

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    08. 10. 2011 10:11

Originally Posted by whalebird

kitakami will have a lot torpedo^^

LOL!!! Soo true.
After the Kita runs out of Torps just come back for a bit, Resupply and kill everything in front of you. But I have to admit. This Idea is one I would like to see.
Parked Montana* SH1T I SEE A Q.V Hurry UP!
Ammo Ship* We can only load 3 shells per seond geez give us a Break
Q.V One shots Montana and Ammo Ship
Montana B.O* F You.
Ammo Ship B.O* Oh well I got tons of more Ships in my yard

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    08. 10. 2011 10:31

Originally Posted by DeathAddict

Parked Montana*


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    08. 10. 2011 11:14

Rather than an ammo ship, I would suggest a new line of support ship, with increase number of sailor slots, ammo space, and plane space, much like the CV line.

The support ships will generally have 2 gun slots, and varying support slots. The guns they carry should be for self-defense only, perhaps use the sub guns? The sailors that they can consider carrying are:
- Gunners: to use guns, and needed to replenish ammo for other ships
- Repairer: repair other ships
- Engineer: act as a tow boat, towing back crippled ships. No effects on undamaged ships
- Restorer: increase his own SD, so the ammo ship doesn't go boom when one-hitted
- Scout: Fly scout plane, and replenish scout planes
- Ftr, DB, TB: needed to replenish Ftrs, DBs, and TBs respectively. Cannot use these types of planes
- Medic: revive crew (sailor, skilled sailor, officers) killed for other ships. If no crew is killed, no effect
- Seaman: General increase in ability for other ships

In terms of the ammo, I would suggest that ammunition ships have to carry different types of ammo, as follows:
- HE shells
- AP shells
- AA shells
- Torps
- HH
- DC

Just like CVs can't pack 1000 scouts, ftrs, DBs and TBs at the same time, ammo ship will have to pick and choose how much and what they want to carry. So if they carry only HE shells, then they can replenish all ships requiring HE shells, from 3" to 20", but they won't be able to help subs and TW with torps, or AA ships with shells, etc. Or they can mix and match different types of ammo.

Support ships should be able to launch scouts, and replenish other ships of scouts, Fts, DBs, and TBs. Again, there's a fixed aircraft space, and they have to mix and match.

Sorry for this long post, but I have given this quite some thought, and I think it can be a useful ships in many different ways. And given that you have to choose what sailors to load, and how much ammo and planes, it can be quite customizable.

BTW, where did the sprite come from? it looks very NF like. If it's photoshopped, then good job.

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    08. 10. 2011 14:56

+1, a great idea.

I love the idea Edmund's idea's. Reps can rep other ships, engi's tow and so on.

Would the supply ship choose what ind of ammo it carries? like 16" or 15" so that 1 bind of ammo fits all guns.

this would be really useful for quad gun ships. MN mainly.

On the other hand, whats stopping ships from running next to no ammo for weight/speed reasons then crying there is no supply ship?

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    08. 10. 2011 19:40

I want to see more about this before i recommend this like dp,resistans and such.
Btw the ammo ships back then did light up the sky pretty well, and if this should be added to the game the radio of damage to other ships would go to bulge and belt my reason?
My reason is that the explosion from a dc is giving damage to both belt and bulge since most belt under WWII did go beneth the waterline around 30-100 cm might not be mutch but that is a important factor for the ship to withstand underwater explosions.
The damage to other ships like 40-100 meters from the ammo ship should be pretty high around 6-10k dp , remember ammo is very fun to blow up and gives a big bang, more then 100+ meters should go around 0-4.5k dp.

How far should the ammo ship be from the ship it's want to resupply?
Around 40-250 meters , remember 40 meter from the ship you got and a other ship in game is around 1-2 cm on the screen in normal wive.

Think thats all some nobody other have bring up?

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