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    12. 24. 2012 10:57


Ok, I have searhced and can't quite find what I'm looking for, could be my search-fu is weak.



I need a basic start to finish BB building guide for my U.S. crew.  I need to know exactly how many of what type of crew and skill numbers are needed for the end, also how to use them through the ships.  I have found tons of guides, but can't seem to find it in a format that I can start and use with no BB knowledge prior to starting.


Any help is appreciated, even if that is pointing me at a link I missed during a search.






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    12. 24. 2012 12:25


It is the second post on the front page of the US forum.

"USN Battleships Guide by Lord Kelvin" 

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    12. 24. 2012 15:05


Ask your questions and people will answer. But for a US BB crew you will most likely want to have your BO and 2 Gunners, a scout, 4 repairs and 6 engineers.


BO only needs potential.

You just want your gunners to have the same acc and reload really, I did write a guide on classing US gunners, its recent in the US section so shouldnt be hard to find.

Your scout only needs aircraft stat and even that wont do a great deal. Some players may suggest you try to get one with good repair instead, and not to delay classing it until you reach your first BB, so it contributes some more to repair.

Repairers want good repair, obviously, good restore is a bonus. All repairers can do is repair and 'restore'.

Engineers are best with good engine and repair, to improve what theyre designed for and to contribute some repair. Some restore is again a bonus.


You really need all 14 of these sailors from the beginning. The idea is that, with the exception of the mandatory sailors (the BO and gunners), you keep the lowest level of the rest of the crew on the ship. So, whenever one levels up you take him off and replace him with whoever else is lowest. This is crew rotating. This will provide you with the full crew you require should you reach BB6. Try to use whichever ship best compliments the level of your lowest sailor, not your BO and gunners, or your supports will start to fall behind and lose exp as they become too much lower than the ships level.


I dont know if any of this information is of any use to you, but feel free to ask any and all more specific questions.

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    12. 25. 2012 07:58


The people above me mentioned the most important things already. You prolly want 2 BO, 2 main gunners, 2 gunners for HH/AA, 3 reps, 5 engi and 1 scout. For the scout you could take a sailor with good rep and wait for classing it special force till you have a bb, so this contributes to the repping. The classing of the gunners is mentioned in the US forums often, just take a look:)

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    12. 29. 2012 22:21


2-4 BOs(Only Potential and maybe early on, repair and restore)

2-4 gunners (Look for Accuracy and Reload stats, try to have 2 matching pairs) 11/11s or any 12/11s or 11/12s work nicely, if you go for Elites, Get elite reload on all gunners, as reload caps later than accuracy and USN has 3 chances to class accuracy and reload growth.

Engineer Heavy: 6 Engineers (Engine Stat primary and secondary restore/repair), 4 Repairs (Repair Stat Primary, Restore Secondary)
(Note this setup cannot repair cap without a ton of vets)

Balanced: 5 Engineers, 5 Repairs


Repair heavy is pointless, as OH time is the key for USN.


1 or 2 scouts. (I only recommend 2 if you plan on grinding a CV, or playing a lot of 1 v 1 rooms)

Play 1 or 2 BOs up the Brooklyn, Balti lines (If you run 4 BOs, 1 up Alaska/Guam, 1 up NM)

Play 1 or 2 BOs ip the North Hampton lines (If you run 4  BOs, 1 up Portland and 1 up New Orleans, then one up Pennsylvania and one up Tennesse)

Rotate engineers and repairs to keep them near same level, keep all crew as far ahead of BOs in level as possible, you want your entire crew minus your BOs, to be 120 at or before you get the any of your BOs to 110.

Pick your favorite BO, this one will grind to 120, the rest will stop at the respective levels (Ie if you run 2 BOs, 1 will go to Nebby the other will stop being focused on after the BB3 as your crew should be 5-10 levels ahead at this point.

I personally took my Brook/Alaska/Guam/Colorado/Sodak BO to 120

my New Mexico BO to 80

my Pennsylvania BO to 81

my Tennessee BO to 80



The goal is if done correctly, with 2 BOs you crew should be in the mid 90s by the time either of your BOs hits 89

with 4, your crew should be 120 by the end of your time in the Iowa.

Once your BOs get on all seperated paths, switch back and forth as desired, don't stick to 1 BO and don't stick to the same sailors, all day long, rotate in and out of ships and rotate sailors around.



Primary set of gunners should be classed one of the following:

Acc/Acc/Acc, Acc/Rld/Acc, Rld/Rld/Acc, Acc/Acc/Rld, Rld/Acc/Acc, Rld/Acc/Rld

I recommend Acc/Rld/Acc

Secondary "AA" gunners SHOULD NOT BE CLASSED AS AA GUNNERS, usn AA gunners are broken content.

Class as: Rld/Rld/Rld, Acc/Rld/Rld, Rld/Acc/Rld


I personally used Acc/Rld/Rld. Early spread and then lay on the mid level reload.

(Note by the mid lvl 100s, regardlessly, both sets will hit both caps, its pretty hard for USN not to hit both caps)


That is all for now, is is 1 AM and I've been up for 23 hours straight...