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  • EBB, new EBB, or premiums

    01. 10. 2013 11:18


So I'm undecided what I want to do.  I'll have 4600 points from the Bingo game to play with along with 45-50 olives.  My highest BO is just a 44.

The Indiana is a pretty ship but would cost 3800 bingo points to get.  It would have a lot of nostalgic value since it's my home state.

The Enterprise would cost 3000 and it's my favorite carrier.  But I don't have a CV crew yet, and it will a long time.

Or I could convert it all to olives and load up on every USN premium ship out there (except Tico) to help me level.  As a newbie non-premium, I'm always short on cash, and not having to buy a ship for a few levels would be great.

So what would you do?  Buy a trillion hedgehogs?





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    01. 11. 2013 03:40


Many people (myself included) have never tried the EBBs or ECVs, though can testify to the usefulness of PCAs and PBBs. If you were only looking at one Premium ship, I'd grab the sevas over the PCA - more useful and you use it for a lot more levels (plus training other crews etc if you want later). 

You might actually  be in a useful spot to use the lower level requirement for some of the EBBs.

As a free-player, PERSONALLY, I'd take the olives.  380 olives can get you 8 boosts (which if you don't have, I'd recomend). 

Starting a CV crew is cool, and with the olives you could even get 6 elite fighter pilots (though +12s are almost nearly as good).  Starting a CV crew is a big investment in time, and it's a tough road, but very fun when you get above say lvl 75. Before that, it's fun in blitz, but HARD in GB.  - Just don't start one without knowing it will take a lot of time , but it certainly is a very different and exciting way to play NF. 

Hope that helps!


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    01. 11. 2013 05:42


You have enough points and olives to have both the Sevas and the Indiana.  

Pensacola is not that great in my opinion.  I would work my way to Sevas lvl, use it to get to Indiana and enjoy both options.

As a side note. If you go the Nevada route; which in my opinion, is the easier route; you would eventually have both the North Carolina and in essence, the SoDak. Both are nice ships. 

Now, if you want my personal opinion.  Get the Maryland, which in my opinion is a better value for the points. convert the 800 points you save into olives and you can get the Sevas, the Maryland and the Texas which is an absolute hoot to have in Blitz.

There are occasions where I still grab my Texas and come out swinging in the middle of a GB for giggles.

The Texas also gives 5 support slots so later, when you want to start that CV crew, you can put 5 pilots on and blitz AGAIN!

That is what I would do. Immediate gratification with the Texas and two absolutely great Battleships to play forever more.

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    01. 11. 2013 07:27


Thanks, guys.  That was helpful.


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    01. 11. 2013 11:33


Be sure and tell us what you decided.

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    01. 12. 2013 09:31


So here's what I did.


I decided that the ship that I wanted the most was the Indiana.   It has the most sentimental value for its namesake state.


That left me with 125 olives.  The next most valuable ship for my current grind would be the Sevastopol so I'll wait a couple weeks to get that. 


I figure I'd better get a higher level battleship crew before I get serious about a CV crew.  Besides playing with a scout now is starting to remind me why I left NF three years ago.  Right clicks for airplanes don't seem to go where I'm pointing.  Weird and annoying.


Thanks for all the advice!


  • Re : EBB, new EBB, or premiums

    01. 13. 2013 19:45


I honestly do not see him use the new ebb ... since they are the same just a color change, I prefer the olives and buy something really use is more useful...maybe a ebb3 (I decided on the or pro, i will use only two levels), I really thought that  they should work harder but they only change a colour.

on the other hand is incredible that ebb2 / 3 (SN,RM) be worth the same amount as new ebb, I was funny