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  • IJN CV Guide

    01. 16. 2013 12:53


For the people who don't know that its in the old data or are too lazy to go there. 

Originally made by : aodcrazycat

So thank him and not me. 


In the CV 5 there is 8 support slots to fill, I strongly suggest you fill them with at 
least 4 fighter pilots. I personally have 4 fighter pilots, 2 Diver Bombers, and 1 
Torpedo Bomber on my CV. 

DB or Torpedo Bombers?

The IJN DB is one of the best, if not the best, DB in the entire game. Our TB can also 
be very good if used right, check out compassghosts reply and watch his video to 
see the real effectiveness of tbs. You can choose any combination of these pilots, 
and much of the decision lies with personalpreference. I chose my 2 DB, 3 when I 
get to CV5, and 1 TB bomber pilots for a couple of reasons. I am using the IJN DB 
advantage, the tier 2 DB rock and I was surprised when I finally reached them and 
they hit massive damage. I also suggest having at least 1 TB these days because of 
the pesky subs and smaller ships sailing around.


Fighters are essential for a CV. A CV without fighters is dead meat and I think 
doesn? deserve a slot in GB. 

There are many tactics to use with fighters. When you have your fighters in the air 
and they engage an enemy squadron, initial battle occurs. Micromanagement is key 
to your success in dogfights. 

With micromanagement you can defeat a squadron of fighters many lvls higher than 
your squadron. One examples of micromanagement is the dragging technique. This 
is used when your fighters are in a circle of death, which is when your fighters are 


  • Re : IJN CV Guide

    01. 16. 2013 14:59


Bombers can still shoot down fighters. 

  • Re : IJN CV Guide

    01. 17. 2013 03:49


The guide is obviously a bit dated.
Nowdays saying things like
"The Hiryu, one of my favorite CVs. Now with tier 2 FTs you can really start engaging enemy fighters, and coming out on top." 
would be downright sadism due to all those T4s trolling around the battlefield. 

  • Re : IJN CV Guide

    02. 02. 2013 18:47


It is dated, but its nice that it is up here.

Also, there are plenty of CVs without fighters in today's play.  I think special emphasis should be given to IJN bombers, since they hit harder than most nations.  Also, its good to learn manual bombing.