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IJN Beginners Gunline Guide
Ver 1.008 (07/024/13)

Old Preface:
Alright, since intro94's guide a bit old plus some common beginner questions and no one is covering this I thought I'd do it thanks to Dr. Gregory House BKA Lord Kelvin. Okay, now that you heard talk about why I'm doing this lets begin.

New Preface:
Well, I originally made this 4 years ago, and subsequently lost under the piles of other threads out there. Making a new line in IJN under a new account, I can't say much has changed for IJN. Using this guide in conjunction with playing Blitz will help you get oriented for Great Battle/Fleet War gameplay in the late game. That being said, read up, learn well, and have fun playing what I think is still a brilliant shipline.

Table of Contents:

  • 1.0 Beginner Questions Answered - Newbie FAQ [NQA001]
  • 2.0 Ships and Strats [SNS000] - Gunline Completed [GUN000]
  • 2.1 Gunline Overview [GUN001]
  • 2.2 Akitsuki [GUN002]
  • 2.3 Tsukikei [GUN003]
  • 2.4 Agano [GUN004]
  • 2.5 Mogami 1938 [GUN005]
  • 2.6 Myoko [GUN006]
  • 2.7 Mogami 1941 [GUN007]
  • 2.8 Kongo [GUN008] (WIP)


Beginner Questions Answered [NQA001]

Q: When do I class my DP Gunners?

A: First of all, don't class them at 20-something. Class them as late as you can. Though it'll make a marginal difference down the line.

Q: Why not class at level?

A: If you class DP gunners at level, they'll lose out on reload ability. Reload is absolutely vital for AA, since the AA stat is deactivated/barely activated.

Q: How do I have better spread?

A: There's several factors in this. Let's take a look.
1. Are you starting off with the 11/11 base? 
2. Did you B/V/E your sailors? (B/V/E refers to a process in which a play purchases boosts, veteran and expert packs to apply to their sailors)
3. Are they elites?
4. Are your gunners at level?
5. Are you using the right FCS?
Before you start posting threads like this, use these questions as a model. 
Obviously, if you did not answer yes to 2., 4., and 5. there might be your problem.

Q: I can't hit anything with torps...

A: Well, maybe because you're not using them right. Lead the sight (in this case the lines) and if they're close, fast and wide.

Q: What are the diff. types of armours?

A: First and foremost, IJN is paper besides bulge but any armor helps if its over 6"

  • Deck: High angle shots. 45Degs and higher. If they use a 5 inch *HE shell and you have 6" of deck, you can block the shell. HE bypasses armor at the right angle though. (Read: You aren't at a high enough level yet to get the right guns to have HE bypass armour.)
  • Belt: Same thing above except low angle shots.
  • Bulkheads: You know how you take enough damage, you slow down? Well, this increases the damage you can take without slowing down.
  • Bulge: Blocks torpedos, mines, depth charges etc. It's a set number per point so the more the merrier. Same goes with the rest of the armours.
  • So it's confirmed 0.2" of belt reduces torpedo damage. By how much? 50%. However, it doesn't doenough to reduce torpedo damage after the 0.2" to justify more than. 

Q: Different types of shells?
A: Tons of different shells for your choosing.

  • *HE: Explosive shells. Straight up damage to someone else.
  • LHE is range over damage. Usually used by BBS and CAS.
  • NHE is a balance between the two. Same BBS and CAS.
  • HHE is damage over range. Usually used by FFS, DDS, CLS.
  • AP: Armor piercing. Self explanatory. Or, look back to the last question.
  • APC: It's the same idea as AP but vastly better. Slightly less damage than LHE at worst and still offers armor piercing.
  • AA/AAC: Hits airplanes. Made for airplanes. DB bad. TB bad. AA good.
  • FC: Nothing more fun on New Years than to come to a B


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Ships and Strats [SNS000]

Ship: Kagero [SNS001]
Class: DD1
Level: 12 | Cost: 35100 Credits
DP: Points | Disp: 2700 Tonnes
R Mounts: 63@330° x3 | T Mounts: 23@120° x3

Honestly, not a bad ship to start off with. Decent mounts for warding off people and and nice mounts for some torpedos. Since there isn't much you can do at this point, just go with the flow and be smart with torpedos. Plenty of space and take advantage of every single aspect of this ship. It's thin, its fast, it hurts (with torpedoes). Arguably, it plays closer to the torpedo line ships.

Decision Time
Go gunline or torpline? Maybe the subline? Up to you. Torp line is oriented around the CV players because everyone will look down on you for having torps on a BB. Unfortunately, if you don't go gunline, this guide ends for you.

Gunline  Level Guidelines
Essentially, all you have to do is gradually switch from rushing to ranging from level 12 - 59ish. Remember that you NEED to have 4 engineers and 3 repairers being trained on the side or on another ship leveling for your late game ships that have a lot more support crew slots.

Levels 12-27: Rush kekekeke. Use Tsukikei's range, speed and firepower.
(Side-note: Amagi is the BB version of the Tsukikei and Mogami.)
Levels 27-58: Use range, scout, AA (but nowadays, less relevant due to Hobbit War). Unless you're basically facing a CA w/o ammo, low hp, no torps, no suicide scouts, no scout bombers etc. etc.
Levels 59+: Congrats, your blitznoob days and almost over. Say goodbye to killing people! (Well, until you hit Ise/Fuso or go CV line)

Ship: Akitsuki [GUN002]
Class: DD2
Level: 16 | Cost: 51240 Credits
DP: Points | Disp: 3350 Tonnes
R Mounts: 71@270° x4 | T Mounts: 32@120° x1

This is where the real dying begins depending on the player. Quite honestly, it's a little tsukikei with nice range and half decent spread. The T slot isn't functional for anything useful, so skip the torpedo launch altogether here. As for playing it, stick with the bigger ships and shoot any enemies that approach.

Remodel: Not much to say, faster I guess. Also... Better FCS. Get the remodel. It's apparently classed as a DD3. Play it as you would the Akitsuki.

Crew: I reccommend your T Mounts and Support slots to be filled with your DP armanent sailors and an engineer, along with the standard gunners/BO.

Ship: Tsukikei [GUN003]
Class: DD4
Level: 24 | Cost: 65000 Credits
DP: 7300 Points | Disp: 3970 Tonnes
R Mounts: 79@320° X5 | T Mounts: None
This is the ship where you go in and kill everyone in blitz... not really.

Setup: The preferred setup is the 5.5" Ls or Ds with heavy ammo. You have speed, a good C-value and for crying out loud you have 10 shells of nearly 6" damage.

Stratagy: Your strategy is to pick off any DDs and hunt for "less fortunate" CLs like Atlantas or K-bergs and even the Edinborough. For the ammo, add a bind or two of *HE and AP/APC shells for those special situations. I highly reccommend you start to make the switch to Manual FCS now. The primary benefit to that is shell placement. Why is that so? You're able to cross your gun lines, and with that, able to place more shells onto your target, which in turn put more damage on a target.

Crew: your crew should the same as the Akatsuki; armanent sailors and an engineer.

Ship: Agano [GUN004]
Class: CL1
Level: 28 | Cost: 157500 Credits
DP: 8500 Points | Disp: 8000 Tonnes
R Mounts: 120@300° X3 | T Mounts: 47@120° X2

I like to call this ship Agony. It isn't THAT bad though because at this time you have 7 scouts and 9 shells of 6" guns or 6 shells of 7.9" guns. (The torpedo platform is still very nice though but remember, keep those DP sailors armament sailors until level 62 or higher). I reccommend using the T mounts to have torpedos on, as at this point, torpedos are actually very viable in increasing your damage output.

Setups: With the 6" setup, stick beside larger ships, and perform the same role as you did the Akatsuki. With the 7.9" setup, play like the bigger ships and focus on range as being the element that keeps you from getting shot at.

Strategy: Your targets should primarily be CL+, but if a DD gets too close, by all means shoot the DD down. Remember, you have scouts. Have them ready or flying at all times. Vision is key no matter what game mode, and so if you're able to carry scouts, you should feel obligated to use them.

Crew: Your crew should now have the same as your previous ship's crew, but with the addition of a scout pilot and another en

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Ship: Mogami 1938 [GUN005]
Class: CL2
Level: 39 | Cost: 550000 Credits
DP: 9000 Points | Disp: 11169 Tonnes
R Mounts: 124@300° x5 | T Mounts: 55@140° x4 (2 per side)

First of I want you to compare it to the Tsukikei. Similar, no? Now, what guns to use? Also note here that grinding gets a lot harder because of the greater level difference between ships. 

Setups: I recommend using the 7.9" Ls with (this should not even be said) LHE shells and you should learned manual FCS by now. That setup would be considered a long range assault ship and Brooklyns shouldn't be a problem ranged off. Again, if you used the 7.9" with the Agano, this should be familiar to you. Target CL+ and any DDs that get too close.

The other setup is the 6" N/Ls with heavy ammo and AA but this setup is more oriented as a GB ship as AA is pretty valued and 15 shells is something SS don't like. Remember with this setup though that you are not a Brooklyn as they have a better reload and they have a 16 torpedo broadside.

Armor setup here should be a 0.2" in belt and enough bulge with your new found displacement.

Crew: Same as Agano.

Ship: Myoko [GUN006]
Class: CA1 (Technically it's a CA3.5 due to the fact that it can compete with Balti's)
Level: 47 | Cost: 602000 Credits
DP: 12500 Points | Disp: 15076 Tonnes
R Mounts: 141@240° x5 | T Mounts: 55@140° x4 (2 per side)

Setup: It's not so much of a change from the play style of a Mogami if you were ranging it with the 7.9" Ls instead, using the 8" Ls.

The next ship Mogami 1941 is coming up next and it isn't really different from the Myoko other than a better set of 8" guns. (namely the 8" F Ls) WolneKonopie suggests that the CV Engine (not so sure which one, use the one with the highest HP) will give you a longer overheat time, but be warned, you do take more damage during overheat.

Crew: Same as Mogami 1938 but with an additional Engineer.

Ship: Mogami 1941 [GUN007]

Class: CA1 (Technically it's a CA3 due to the fact that it can compete with Balti's)
Level: 51 | Cost: 823200 Credit
DP: 12700 Points | Disp: 14146 Tonnes
R Mounts: 151@240 ° x5 | T Mounts: 55@140° x4 (2 per side)

The differences though are: 
1. You can use the 8" F Ls nicely with 4 packs of ammo.
2. You have some more scout space.
3. It costs about 200k more credits than the Myoko but again, 200k credits aren't a lot by
now. If you need money, sell neuts.

Crew: Same as Myoko.
Revision History
Ver 1.004: Added Statistical data to Tsukikei and Agano
Added Mogami 1938 and Myoko
Aemoved Assumed Crew Level - Redundant
Added Quicksearch Codes
Ver 1.005: Added Mogami 1941
Added link to Blitz TW Guide, IJN FAQs
WolneKonopie edit: CV Engine to MyokoVer 1.006 : Raptor edit - Kagero, Tsukikei, and Agano
Ver 1.007 : Reposted on more use account (5/02/9)
Ver 1.008: Removed links to old guides; revised layout; revised playstyles, ship setup; added crew setup. (07/02/13) 
Ver 1.009: Small edit to ability and 0.2" belt armor sections.

Special thanks to:
UmbralRaptor (3/27/9)
Manda for Info (3/18/9)
WolneKonopie for Info (3/19/9)
Joker1974 (5/02/9)

To Do List:
Add Kongo, possibly Asama and Dhonburi, and CV remodels of Agano and Mogami,

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I'd like to point out 2 things.

1 - BBs only use LHE NEVER MHE. Some crazy Night battle setups use HHE. Also sionce most of the damage is based on their weight velocity ETC the HE damage is only a small part of the damage a shell can cause.

2 - Belt is not a old tale but a proven fact.

3 - The penalty for using sailors of a different nation on a ship is around 33%.

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Originally Posted by Sonlirain

I'd like to point out 2 things.

1 - BBs only use LHE NEVER MHE. Some crazy Night battle setups use HHE. Also sionce most of the damage is based on their weight velocity ETC the HE damage is only a small part of the damage a shell can cause.

2 - Belt is not a old tale but a proven fact.

3 - The penalty for using sailors of a different nation on a ship is around 33%.

I like your counting ability. :3

Anyhoo, I've made edits to reflect points 2 and 3, but I'll leave 1 unchanged as it is, well at least my time to see BBs use NHE (or MHE as you call it) in Op. Con and Blitz. 

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AWESOME -- Wish I had this when I started out.  Thanks for reposting!