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  • Panzer Schiffe advice needed

    02. 08. 2013 02:31


It's my first time using a PS. A friend of mine told me to not use one without very good gunners, so when during the winter event I got two accuracy sailors, I thought that would be my oportunity to try the PS line.

Now I have the Deustchland, but I'm a little out of the blue with it. Any tips for a newbie?


  • Re : Panzer Schiffe advice needed

    02. 08. 2013 02:57


Test the spread ur accuracy gunner and crew on test mission to get some idea on how good ur gunner/crew now.

Weakness; in Blitz against small rushing fast ships... 2 or more closing in on u, u'll be sunk in no time... Stay afar and shoot bigger ship with it's 3x11"/52 SK C/28' (CA and above)... If u want to have fun use the 3x5.9"/60 SK C/25 to surprise those DDs... Never ever put dual gun on Deutch...

In GB play as AA ship, some say it's 'poor man' Motlke AA, when oppotunity come go forward and shoot anything in range. Back then I mostly play it as AA ship, due to my 11/11 gunner at level not good with 3x11" spread...

On the long run PS line is the KM AA ships to level crews (Ppro), at higher lv they have speed over the bizzy line and +1 more support...



  • Re : Panzer Schiffe advice needed

    02. 08. 2013 03:40


Well it has semi decent slots for AA (tightely packed) so you could use the rapid fire AA guns you get at level 30.

The main guns are 11" triple N that are one of the most accurate guns for KM (they will still suck at level tho).

The idea is to play it as a AA ship that might turn into a BB0.5 when a good opportunity arises (rush a CV. Shoot at rushing ships etc.)