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  • Montana question

    03. 03. 2013 07:04


hey guys,

So I took a short break from NF (~6 months) and I went back playing again on my monty.
I have lvl 117 gunners which shoot pretty well, and my crew isn't bad either (4 engys, 1 scout and rest repairs, 2 reps in T slots too).

My problem is, I always end up 'following' the others bb's without getting an oppurtinity to hit. I always get outranged, and when I'm in range the enemy just moves back and slingshots me. My best attack so far was 200K which was just a lucky battle.

Someone learned me how to slingshot, but it doesn't seem to work. Can someone help me how to 'fight', because if i try to slingshot i always miss.

This is how I do it:

Move forward
Move backward, when turning shoot

Someone got advice?  


  • Re : Montana question

    03. 03. 2013 08:49


I think you might just need to get used to Monty again. It has short range for a BB5, but the highest damage. The high angle also results in long hang time, so lead your target a little more. The angle also results in targets being difficult to chase, but gives you an advantage when being chased. Not that running constantly works particularly well (or makes you very popular), but more time spent turned away than toward the target will generally play towards the angle to try get you some more range.


You probably only need to re-adjust. Your brief description of how to sling sounds like you pretty much understand how. You should fire when parallel to the direction your target will face when the shot lands for best effect, not just when turned.


I dunno what your averaging in a decent battle, but 200k is fair enough, you can't be doing that badly. Just stick with it, you'll get to grips with it again.


However, I have never used a monty, so I am sure there is more advice than what I've said.

  • Re : Montana question

    03. 03. 2013 11:09


Montana should always have at least 5 engineers. Perferrably 6. 4 won't cut it.
You definitely don't need 6 reps. I can repair cap with 4. And before I vet capped those I was doing it with 5.

Slingshotting really is only something you do in a BB line (BB rooms, Fleet Wars, Harbor Assaults)

Normal gameplay, the idea of the Montana is land that full salvo. Abuse the enemy being blind. and if you can't get into range, back up slowly and make them feel the punishment of following you.

The Montana is fast enough and turns quick enough, that you can rush into range, dodge a salvo, return fire and get out without dying.

Experiance and practice are a Montana drivers' best friend.

  • Re : Montana question

    03. 06. 2013 23:40


benser33 is right, you must shoot when parallel,

and in terms of range, i look at the monty range to be equivalent range of an h39, so with that said, if you aren't slingshooting, you should wait for them to turn into you until you figure out the small rush again.

you really should get another engineer, because the monty uses OH really well with the turning power. 

the montana is a deadly broadside ship, try to always shoot when straightened, even if you're being rushed. it's not a bad idea to turn parallel to shoot, and if you must run a small amount.  if you can get the hang of parallel shooting, you shouldn't have to run much, if at all.... when bbs are turning into you, they lose range. so by the time you can hit them, they can just barely hit you, at that point your just turn back for a second or two. and you've dodged the hits.

the 45 degree angle is really a blessing for the monty. sometimes it can be a curse with the smaller fast turning ships, (ie the KM AD, and Dunk) at that point you simply have to anticipate where they're going, into you, or turning back. 

  • Re : Montana question

    03. 07. 2013 05:44


Current setup is 4 engy's, 3 reps, and 1 scout, AA on tslots.
But when I have 5 engys, I'll have 2 reps, is that enough?  

  • Re : Montana question

    03. 07. 2013 06:35


Originally Posted by Rick5000

Current setup is 4 engy's, 3 reps, and 1 scout, AA on tslots.
But when I have 5 engys, I'll have 2 reps, is that enough?  

You should be leveling a total of 11 sailors in addition to your Main Gunners and BO, to make up your Nebraska crew. Those should ideally be, in your case, 2 AA, 1 scout, 5 engis and 3 reps.


Simply keep the lowest level guys onboard, if one overtakes the guy that isnt onboard, swap them.

  • Re : Montana question

    03. 07. 2013 06:58


Ok, thank you :)