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  • Ise or Fuso

    07. 18. 2011 15:43

LOL sorry I have to start this thread. Contrary to what you likely expected I'm not gonna ask which is better. I'll have to pick one of the two ships next. As I have the Haruna I don't actually need to grind in either of these BB2. Is it even worth it to spend the credits on the BB2?

Give me a clue, which of those 3 ships do you shoot first if you have to choose? For those of you who have the Haruna too, will the spread ever be equal to Ise/Fuso?

PS: I don't give a fart about the CV remod. And I have to admit, that my at-level engineers make rushin extremely difficult.


  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    07. 18. 2011 15:54

If you don't want the CV remod then take the Fuso.
a bit more DP and better gun placement (slightely).

Then again haruna can be really good.

I'd play with a haruna but you should check out a Fuso with 16" one day.

  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    07. 18. 2011 18:31

Fuso with 16"Ds. Rocks once you learn its playstyle....if timed right, one mean arse rush boat with Monty-like broadside/damage.

  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    07. 18. 2011 19:23

Personally I prefer the Fuso. It packs a crazy punch, the placements are better than the Ise, it saves you money if you dont want to remodel to the CV Ise and IMO the fuso looks alot more intense :P

  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    07. 19. 2011 15:00

Another Fuso player here.

  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    07. 19. 2011 23:48

Ise is better for running. And you get a cv remod. And its basically same as fuso.

  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    07. 21. 2011 03:31

i think...if u want the best BB between ise of fuso...i recomend fuso...when u get the 16' u'll smoke a good punch (with good gunner

ise can be good when u remod...remod...get good FP in...get HH on T slot...16' gun with good gunner...
u can be elusive with FP support...kill SS with HH...can gunned ships with good gunner...

either way,its all up to u....decide for ur self coz its u who is going to play the

most importently...hv fun in these game....

  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    07. 21. 2011 13:43

Thanks for your answers people. I picked the Fuso. But just like I expected I can't be arsed to actually use it. The range of the Type 3 Ls is making the Haruna so much more useful. With the Fuso I only find myself dying stupidly or waaaaiiiiiiting before I get to shoot something. When my spread gets better I'll have to check her out again. The prospect of a 12 barrel broadside of 16inchers is intriguing - when they hit reliably that is...


  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    08. 09. 2011 05:21

I have Haruna, Hyuga, and Fuso.

I'm levelin my supports in Fuso and it's a great bb2. I know Haruna 16Ls are tempting, but ammo shortage isn't cool. Fuso 14"s FTW.

And generally you always shoot the closer BB.

  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    08. 09. 2011 09:30

P65 is the best until Nagato(cuz nice AA and +1 support slot). ISE, when you are planning going CV(or have one already). Fuso otherwise(if you dont have AA and thus you're noob).

  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    08. 09. 2011 13:44

Originally Posted by brucenemo
I know Haruna 16Ls are tempting, but ammo shortage isn't cool.

I have leveled 2 BOs from 50 to 77 in Haruna and it only happened once to me that I ran out of ammo. Incidentally that was also my very first 100k attack game in that ship.

By the way, now my BOs are both able to command the Nagato. But I just can't seem to get the same XP with it. The two ships play fairly similar. But for some odd reason I get a lot less XP in Nagato in equally good games as compared in Haruna. With the latter I can rather easily rack up 30k and more XP without premium account. With Nagato I rarely get more than 20k. Strange.

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