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  • Smoke button fix

    07. 20. 2011 12:10

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nothing like tryin to evade shells or torps and hitting thestupid smoke button and then dying....make it so we can choose to have smoke enabled or not..not as a default hud control.... you guys giving smoke during this event when some of us dont want it ...i cant turn it off


  • Re : Smoke button fix

    07. 20. 2011 12:35

where are you that you need to click that far on the map to evade to even hit the smoke button

  • Re : Smoke button fix

    07. 20. 2011 23:41

when i go westbound i have my ship positioned on the far right of my screen (so i can see alot of what is west of me) when tb/db or torps/shells come at me i have to turn quick and sometimes hit the smoke button in the corner and it deploys smoke instead of evading and i die

usually i dont have this issue because i dont buy smoke or even like using it

but during this event i win smoke drops

now as default the smoke button appears ..even if i dont want them enabled

so my suggestion was to have a feature in the item section in the docks to have the option to have smoke enabled or not

its not really a problem but just gets annoying at crucial times such as evading...

as an example i suggest leaving you radioman enabled during battle [ the \ key] and see how many times you hit it during the is the same concept as the smoke button..but at least you can turn off your radioman..not the smoke