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  • Neutral Rentals

    06. 22. 2011 14:08

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I would like to see the neutral nation have rentals. The price of these rentals can
range from free to under ~25k. The rental's main use would be in Missions and in
Training Missions (this would allow SDE to make more training missions for sertain
ships) These rentals can be of many variety... BB, CV, AA boat, SS, Torp Boat, and
whatever else SDE or any players can think of (post them if you please).

There could also be a few rentals for actual battle with players, but they would be
NO higher than say a CL (I would actually go for as high as a DD). There would have
to be a warning message about classing your sailor into a nation at level 12
though... so the level of these rentals would have to be lower than level 12... (which
is why I suggest only going as high as a DD on rentals that can be played in actual
battle with other players)

These Rentals would have a predetermined number of uses aswell like any other
rental. The uses that each ship has would depend on what it can be used for
(missions or battle).

Along with players being able to use these rentals in training missions anytime they
want, there can also be an addition to the tatorial where it explains how to rent a
ship, and it could also give information on their uses and benifits. Like instead of you
automatically recieving the BB Training ship Super Yamy, It could have you go
through renting it. This is where the information on rentals can be presented to new

There could also be a message informing you that you can use the selected ship in a
training mission. (We all know, there would be these messages, thats why I
meantioned them)

This would put the "rent" and "return" option in the neutral harbour to actual use,
and allow players without a fleet that owns a harbour to have a rental if they so

I would really like this to happen because I want to be able to rent the SY again and
use it in the training mission... because well hell... that thing is FUN! Hel i'm sure i'm
not the only one who would like to use that SY again... even if it's just in a training
mission :p :)

If anyone has any feed-back or additions to this idea, please speak up, and if I like
any additions to the idea, I will add it to the main post under this text.


  • Re : Neutral Rentals

    06. 27. 2011 23:53

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  • Re : Neutral Rentals

    06. 28. 2011 06:19

i tried that training mission sy once :/ i failed with it.... i have forgotten auto on bbs xD

  • Re : Neutral Rentals

    06. 29. 2011 11:44

ok so, some issues i see,
Would it only apply for those fleetless? If so this might be a cause for people to want ot be fleetless and could wreck the fleet system which i belive makes this game fun.

Also, the rentals would be similar to Neut DDs it would seem.

The new players couldnt afford rental ships and just the option might mess up their ship lines because of the lack of funds.

It would take time to create the neut rentals while most people jsut power level anyway. Id rather bother the Gms with something else.