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  • Change Default Set Armour

    06. 22. 2011 14:28

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Old Title that some may remember:New ship armouring (simple update)

I have a simple thing for SDE to change.... it's not absolutly nessisary, and not much
of a pain to deal with, but it would be nice to see changed.

So we all know, when we buy a new ship, and go to armour it, we have to doubble
click the type of armour we want on, (normally set as "None") and choose the type
of armour that nation has. (EX: neutral is: "standard", KM is: "WH (KM Armour)", UK
is: "KNC (UK Armour)", and so on)

Now this isn't a pain to deal with like i said above.. but it is atleast a mild

So my suggestion is instead of having "None" as the default armour option, make
the specified nation's type of armour be the default armour (like the examples given
above). That way, that mild inconvenience goes away, and you can just use your
mouse and scroll away, adding or removing how much armour you want.

As for the Remove option, still keep that... (Because i know it's a mild pain removing
say... 200+ bulge armour using the mouse wheel to scroll through.) Just make it so
the remove option removes all the armour, and sets it back to 0.0 or 0 (depends on
the category of armour) of that nation's default armour.

Also for the information on the armour when you go to choose it, like the
defense, cost, weight, and *sticks, just work that in under the armour option box
(bulge might have to be crunched or made into like 2 lines.)

* I don't know if i'm reading that right on the in-game page.. its hard to see... looks
like sticks.

This is just a simple thing SDE can do, for convenience concernes. Again, it's not
totally nessisary, and isn't much of an issue, or pain... but it would be nice to see
this done.

If you agree with me, support it. If you don't, give your reasonings.

*Idea given by weylin that goes with (but still seperate) this topic (re-worded to
get the basic idea.):

Have the option to shift click to add pre-determined ammounts of armour to specific
armour categories. Like shift click adds .5 to deck and belt, and adds 5-10 bulge and
bulk head per click.*** (I still say the scroll works fine, but this is always an option)

*Idea given by Delta62 (again, I simplify to get the justs of it.): Possibly try to work
in a calculator option to type in the ammount of armour you want.
(like typing in the ammount of credits to trade or cost for an item/sailor.) If i missed a
key point delta, let me know....***


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    06. 27. 2011 23:54

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