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  • NavyFIELD, in concert xD

    07. 21. 2011 14:46

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Hi guys. A message from a classical music fan:
I just thought of this while playing NF before.
Why don't we have a REAL orchestra play some BGM songs from NavyField?
It doesn't have to be a fancy expensive music outfit like Video Games Live...
(although that would be $#$%ing awesome),
but a college classics band or whatever small group will do.
It would certainly drum up some interest/publicity for NF,
even if we just posted it on YouTube or whatever.

I was thinking of doing as a medley, like VGL did with many more popular games.
I'd say include these in the NF Medley:
-Title theme (when you go to log in to the NF game in the client) - This is my favourite.
-World Map theme (When you are looking for a room)
-Battle theme (In the beginning of a battle, not the winning/losing theme)
-Battleroom Victory theme

I would NOT include:
Winning theme, losing theme, and the shipyard themes
I'd skip the shipyard themes because a lot of them are also actual anthems and songs
(i.e. France, USSR, etc) and thus wouldn't really be as original.

Don't get me wrong, I can't do this myself, as I have no musical talent whatsoever, lol, but if any of you are in a
university's classics band, a 'pops' orchestra or in an actual navy band this might be an interesting project to look into.
Also, I'm open to your input if you'd like me to add to/ change the song roster.

Also note, if you used the custom music trick to change the in game music,
then this will NOT apply because you're not hearing the same music I'm talking about right now.


  • Re : NavyFIELD, in concert xD

    07. 21. 2011 15:14

Sigh.. the only good theme in navyfield in the KM shipyard theme, the rest is unbearably annoying, especially USN and USSR. I replaced the USSR theme with real Russian music from the 1940's.. couldn't stand it anymore.

  • Re : NavyFIELD, in concert xD

    07. 23. 2011 09:30

aww i'd love to here La La Marseillaise when i go into my French harbor to stare at my Strasbourg :D