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  • Ship boost items?

    06. 26. 2013 11:16


I am probably going to take 4 ammo damage boosts since KM shell damage is practically nothing... though I'm not even sure a small % gain to such a small number is worth it?

I was also thinking about the ship durability increase since KM also are so easily one shot by every other nation. But again, a small % increase onto a small defense number anyway may be a waste?

What is the best boost item to get for H44?

How long do they work? I assume they aren't permanent increases on a particular ship?


  • Re : Ship boost items?

    06. 30. 2013 01:19


Structral strength boost does not increase your health or makes your ship stronger. It just enables your ship to still overheat/not lose speed when heavily damaged.

You'd better try ammo damage +3%, turning force +1 and gun accuracy +1 (KM gun accuracy really sucks, though gun accuracy +1 does not make too much difference).

  • Re : Ship boost items?

    06. 30. 2013 10:58


A addition note:
ammo damage +3% sounds nice but isn't really noticeable. Furthermore i believe it just boost the HE part of the damage , which is jsut 1/4 or 1/6 of totall damage that a HE shell does. So totally it isn't more then 1% more damage.
More usefull are +1acc (especially if your gunners aren't 120 yet).
The +1turning is a good addition for dodging and making slinging a bit easier. 

  • Re : Ship boost items?

    06. 30. 2013 17:48


Well you won't be able to use 4 damage boosts because you can only have 1 of each particular tuning item in a ship at one time. So BBs can have 3 different parts, not multiples of the same ones.


Also, there is no component that increases ship DP as in health. There is one that increases ship defense power (called structural strength), but that is a measure of how much damage the ship can take before you lose OH ability and speed. The same function as bulkhead armor.


Once you slot an item, they last for 72 hours, or 3 days.


I'd probably go with a combination of Ammo Damage, Reload Speed, Gun accuracy and Turning.

  • Re : Ship boost items?

    07. 01. 2013 00:28


Aside from not being able to use multiple tunings of the same ability on 1 ship, BB's can only use 3 tunings at a time.

  • Re : Ship boost items?

    07. 01. 2013 05:40


Originally Posted by danita

BB's can only use 3 tunings at a time.

Oh yeah >< doh

  • Re : Ship boost items?

    07. 01. 2013 10:30


ammo damage +3%, turning force +1 and R mount reload time -3%


  • Re : Ship boost items?

    07. 02. 2013 22:24


R Mound reload time...only gives a 0.5 sec decrease of reload time for H44 guns?