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  • Lion 2 Support Sailors

    08. 19. 2013 16:28


How many engineers and repairs should I have on a Lion 2? I have currently 6 engineers and 4 repairs. Also should engineers be classed at level?


  • Re : Lion 2 Support Sailors

    09. 04. 2013 10:48


It depends on how many vets you are willing to burn for your crew.

If each of your support crew has 40% vets, then 8 late-classed engies and 2 late-classed gunners will give you repair cap. You can save the rest 2 slots for AA/HH or skeleton crew to maximize your armor, as explained in this thread:

If you only want to put 109 vets for each of your crew, then I'd think 6 on-time classed engies and 4 on-time classed repairers will reach repair cap eventually.

If you want to put 200-ish vets for each of your crew, then I'd suggest you use 8 late-classed engies (don't class as engie until Lv 65-ish) and 2 on-time classed repairers.