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  • New EBB is Nelson?

    08. 23. 2013 12:52


A rumor is spreading the new RN EBB is Nelson (1947?) with big space for guns (645). Anybody has any information about its speed and strength? If it is as good as lion 1, it will be super battle ship and a lot of fun.


  • Re : New EBB is Nelson?

    08. 23. 2013 13:15


I've heard nothing about any EBB Nelson ever, there definitely isn't one on the horizon right now. Perhaps in the distant future, but any development for one hasnt even started yet.


New UK EBB coming next will be the missing RN EBB5, which will be a Vanguard. There is also an L1, the fate of which is undecided at the moment although we have our ideas. For more details you're probably best keeping your eyes on the test server forum sections since that is the relevant forum area for NF content that is being developed but is yet unreleased. I believe the new event ships can be seen on the test server, although all stats (R mount size, speed, DP, level) should be disregarded as everything is subject to change pre-release.

  • Re : New EBB is Nelson?

    08. 23. 2013 15:18


Thanks for your reply.

I am kindly disappointed the new ebb is not nelson with 3 front R, which will be a little french bb6 and powerful.

No matter what new RN ebb5 will be a big exciting thing. 


  • Re : New EBB is Nelson?

    08. 24. 2013 08:55


As far as i know the new RN EBBs will be Vanguard and Lion 1 based ships.