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  • lvl42 2x6" /65 SK C/33

    07. 23. 2011 03:42


This gunset is failure in so many ways...

It has more range than the 10", HE light damage is 192, AA damage is 128...

I as an SN player beg you, please remove this gunset asap.

It would just bring more hate towards SN players from the comunity.

 AA range:

My estimate GA is 28...



  • Re : lvl42 2x6" /65 SK C/33

    07. 23. 2011 07:35

i know the guns r a over kill but man enjoy it while before the nerf the lvling up its easy now with theese guns 5k of exp a game with them on and why can't we have a little funn with the guns first after a week then they can get nerfed

  • Re : lvl42 2x6" /65 SK C/33

    07. 23. 2011 10:10

Have you seen the range of Lv.100 and Lv.110 guns?

They are jokes, lv.100 is totally useless.

Don't play SN. I really hope I don't have SN BB5 crews.

They said BB 5 will go 37 with lv.100 gun and 35 with lv.110. And those guns have lowest DPS. lv.110 guns has monty range. lv.100 even less than Lv.110 gun range.

Go for other nations when you still can.

  • Re : lvl42 2x6" /65 SK C/33

    07. 24. 2011 16:17

for AAing my estimate is 24/25GA (tested only once) - if this is true, it'll be 3rd nation of 25 GA aa guns :D

even your picture makes a logical assumption of 24-26 GA (miniznis - 34, SD-2s - 30)

  • Re : lvl42 2x6" /65 SK C/33

    07. 24. 2011 16:32

I tested it on my own scout in max altitude and in game once... Of course the GA could be different :) Its only my guess... Im not good AA player ;)

  • Re : lvl42 2x6" /65 SK C/33

    07. 31. 2011 14:29

i put lvl 42 guns on my SN PCV and Yes they have the range but the spread and damage are not realy a threath to any ship.
They can remove them if they like to becouse they are useless :)

  • Re : lvl42 2x6" /65 SK C/33

    08. 14. 2011 10:19

this is a great gun when i use it, i use it on rurik as secondary gun to support my twin 10, toooooooooo great range, toooooooo great damage, after all, it was a patched up KM/RN gun, i was superior (interior and caliber of KM gun, shells of RN). This is an overkill support gun for rurik, too bad they remove it instead of nerf it