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  • Customizable Battle Room

    07. 23. 2011 19:03

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Hello there!,

Reading through the forums you find players clamoring for new level capped battle rooms for different levels of ships
and or crew. But why not make something like this:

When you want to make a game, say gb2, the menu should display and let you choose which ships you want to accept
for the lazy there is the "all" option. For those who want specific battles you could choose that only ships classes you check
get in example i could make a gb2 and choose DD/CA/BB1/CV1, this would not be level capped but chip class capped.
Maybe high level players would like to battle onlyt BB4/5/6 and CV3/4/5 and no subs. or sub players would like a sub only
game. Etc, etc..I believe this would alleviate a lot of players that when they hit lvl 60ish and are forced out of blitzkrieg become
fodder in gb2 in their bb1-2, make their grind better, playing in an even field (at least ship wise) agaisnt other players.

I Would like to know what you all think about this crazy idea!