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  • WTB function in trade system.

    10. 02. 2013 05:16

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It would be nice to have some WTB functionality in the trade system.

You could select a specific sailor, like nation(UK), specifics (heavy gunner), detail (set of gunners) and put down a price you want to pay.


Then this will be posted and people can propose sailors to it. These sailor will be put in the sellers HQ, just like with normal trade.


The Buyer will see them as ghosts in his own HQ (also with a trade number) and if he likes them can take them out of his HQ to finalize the trade.

Just with normal WTS trades the WTB request will be only for a certain amount of time, after which the request will be automatically canceled.

Ofc the sales taxes need to be paid by the buyer now, when he puts in his WTB request.


Something like that. Recommend if you like.


  • Re : WTB function in trade system.

    01. 14. 2015 23:44


I would like to support this idea, because this could also be used to transfer sailors in an multi-timezones-fleet.

It´s pretty hard sometimes to catch a person +/- a couple of hours. Often you have to use a third person for that.

Maybe  you could add something like an ID-commited offer?! (for WTS and if newly added WTB)

best regards, the bot