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  • Proximity Torpedo?

    10. 19. 2013 11:44


I know in the old days, KM had prox-torpedos, beyond that basic info, I don't know.  I used only American ships then.

So with all the current builds, what is the state of Proximity Torpedos?  Getting, using, practicality in the current build? 


  • Re : Proximity Torpedo?

    10. 19. 2013 12:40


KM still has proxy torps, the defining feature of KM subs which makes them stronger against other subs. Simply, proxy torps can detonate and deal some damage on a near miss of a target. All KM SS torps have the proxy feature, KM does not have an alternative. Combined with the KM SSs superior turning and reload speed, the addition of dealing some damage on near misses makes KM a deadly sub hunting nation. The main disadvantage KM has is a lack of actual tubes, which does something to balance what is often an important advantage gained by the proximity detonation as it reduces the enemys ability to dodge. The damage of the torpedos individually, compared to other nations, is fairly high. Never the highest, but generally second or third. Proxy damage is not as high as the full damage.


If I had to guess, I would expect a lot of opinions to be shared in this thread.