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  • Some question on SS crew

    11. 09. 2013 04:47


Hi guys, am interested in making a IJN SS crew but being paranoid as I am, I would like to ask some question and and clarify somethings before I make a mistake and rage over it :D So hoping somebody could give me their advice!

I have done alot of reading on the forum but didnt actually see much people mentioning about their SS5 crew. Understand that it has 7 Support slots so my burning question is what do you put in them?

Most I see is probably 1 Planesman 1 Sonar 4/5 Eng 0/1 Rep?? Wondering really hard what are the good alternative as I do know that somethings is personnel perferences. But IMO i think that there should be at least a basic frame of how a SS screw should be like?

And based that the later SS requires only 1 torp so do people actually completely thin their 2nd torp man as he is useless or what do people actually put in that slot >.<

Thank you for those who answer me!! 




  • Re : Some question on SS crew

    11. 09. 2013 08:32


The IJN SS5 has:


7 Support Slots

1 BO Slot

1 Torpedo Slot

1 Gunner Slot


The Kai-Kou is difficult to speed cap. What makes it special is that it has the ability to launch TB's. (3 at a time; maximum of 8) The TB's have come in handy in HA's. Giving you the first strike option, you can damage/destroy strategic ships. Kitas, Subs, AA ships, even damaged BB's have all fallen by my Kai-Kou TB's. The negative to this is that the sonarman and planesman negative plane ability will make your tb's vulnerable to AAW.


The setup I use is: 1BO, 1Torper, 1Sonar, 1Planesman, 2TB pilots, 2 Engies, and 2 Reps (one on the gunner position) or 3 engies and 1 Rep (on the gunner position). Another setup is to not use the TB's at all. My setup for that is: 1BO, 1Torper, 1Sonar, 1Planesman, 4Engies, and 2Reps (one or Gunner position) or 5 engies and 1 rep (on the gunner position).


I would not advise using the 2nd torper on the SS5. Both the SS5 and the SS5.5 only has one torper position. However, SDE plans to come out with Premium Submarines and SS6's eventually. We don't know if they those submarine will 1 or 2 torpedo positons. Don't let the other torper fall too far behind.


One more thing; like all other ships, submarines benefit from having 0.2 belt. Good luck!