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  • Gun Setup for Nelson?

    11. 09. 2013 06:05


I should be getting my Nelson very soon, and I was wondering what guns to put on it?

Ofcourse it will be a lower level Nelson... level 79-85

Well, Thankyou guys in advanced, Crowd>Fleet-Master -- Fetz


  • Re : Gun Setup for Nelson?

    11. 09. 2013 06:47


standard guns for Nelson are the 3x16'' Mk Is. They have good damage and ok range for bb3. Spread is not optimal, but that is true for most bb3s. A "fun" option are the 4x14'' N quads from KGV. But these have short range, and are heavier than normal 16'' gunset, so speeed will be less, and Nelson is not known for great speed. Of course, you could mount only 2 sets and get extra speed or try to armor. I have play Nelson with the 16''s and it is a fun ship. The only drawback is lack of scouts. You really have to depend on team mates to scout for you. Good luck and have fun with whatever setup you choose!

  • Re : Gun Setup for Nelson?

    11. 09. 2013 08:04



On my grind through nelson i used Mrk 1 L with light he gives some room for armor and has good range for lower bb. Quad 14" are fun but range falls short of enemy in Gb good for missions and rushers. I also use HH in rear R slots has enough room to lauch Alot at approaching ss. Nelson is alot of fun just takes a while to get used to playing it.

  • Re : Gun Setup for Nelson?

    11. 09. 2013 12:19


theres 3 gun set up where users plays, it depend on you where you want

15" Mark III N (the guns used by QE and Repulse)
It's outranges Nelly's 16" Mark I and still have same range of 15" Mark III L, playstyle just like Bismarck or any KM BB, a hit and run tactics using your range

you could check it here

Quad 14" N (the Blockshotting Guns)
it has a range of a bb1 and the tightest spread in the game (it depends on your gunners though)... playstyle, since you'll have a bb1 range all you need is patience and wait for an opening on an enemy to rush in for the kill and make sure you know your angle on rushing

16" Mark I
has a decent bb3 range, but spread even with my 200vetted gunners in the past theres still an 1 shell jump a little further :D...

  • Re : Gun Setup for Nelson?

    11. 09. 2013 12:36


So the M III N has same range as M III L you are saying? That doesn't make sense.

M I L Looks like the best bet. I am a range type of guy.

  • Re : Gun Setup for Nelson?

    11. 09. 2013 13:52


Originally Posted by fetz

So the M III N has same range as M III L you are saying? That doesn't make sense.

M I L Looks like the best bet. I am a range type of guy.

I think you have to be a range type of guy. I've tried other setups and it always comes down to some bigger BB absolutely destroying me in one well placed salvo from way outside my range. Doesn't matter if I try and zig zag, dodge, drive erraticly they still seem to be able to hit me with pinpoint accuracy.

I've tried the quads and while the spread is indeed very tight - it's boring as hell to play. You've got a ship with no scouts, poor AA capabilities, and short ranged guns. It also isn't very quick and offers itself as a rather big target.

That leaves you with the options of..

- Use short range blockshotters and spend the first 5+ minutes of each game simply floating around like dead weight until HOPEFULLY a chance to hit something occurs. If your team doesn't scout or your bigger BB's lose to the other big BB's then you pretty much just wait to die. 

- Use the longer range guns which have a terrible spread but are still usable to land a few shots per salvo. You still are horrendously outranged, without scouts, without AA. You can try and scoot in and out of the battle line and drop a few salvos - hopefully they are aiming at something bigger than you.

I know this sounds pretty damn bitter, but every time I get excited for my next ship upgrade I end up getting it and being terribly dissapointed. I mean, it's definitely an upgrade over the Repulse/Renown and depending on your preference, the PBB Dunkerque but it still leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe I'm just playing at bad times with rooms full of old vets? I dunno. I'm losing hope in this game pretty quickly though.

TL;DR - Wait until anything with longer range than you is dead or too far away, then take your moment in the spotlight. If all you big guns die - all hope is lost.  

  • Re : Gun Setup for Nelson?

    11. 09. 2013 16:06


With nelson you have to remember you are facing forward not broadside so your hit box is smaller have to use this to your advantage. You will not get to relax in Nelson its work, even in lion your range is barley on par so still have to work with 16 IV L use the small hitbox to your advantage once you get it the ship kicks butt