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  • Best Guide for KM BB Crew Please!??!

    12. 03. 2013 06:26


how many Engs
how many Reps
is it ok that the AA Gunners is Elite Reload?



  • Re : Best Guide for KM BB Crew Please!??!

    12. 03. 2013 06:59


Hi, there are several theories about gunners.

Main Gunners
Some ppl use ACC elite, others prefer REL elite for main gunners. With both will cap earlier that LVL100
Now, in WAW there is no CAP I used ACC because accuracy in KM is not the best.

AA Gunners: Reload, period. I didn´t know some time ago gut there is a trick but you: can class them later in gamer to provide some extra repair capability.
As I said, I didn´t do it, class them on time. Maybe the best is wait until LVL 60 to class them as rapid fire to win some extra repair. The end true ability can be capped later with some experts/vets.

ENGs: Use 5 Engies. 2/3 Elite if you can and 3/2 with 12 eng+11 rep. Will help you alot.

REPs: 3 Rep, Elite if you can

1 Scout.

With that you have the full crew.

I put some emphasis in repair. KM ships have the best range ppl said, but the are quite fragile to manage the damage, so in the begining of BB4 and BB5 could be frustrating if your repair rate is low.

At last, welcome to KM. If are able to walk to path until Kiaser do the same for any other nation in 50% of the time.

  • Re : Best Guide for KM BB Crew Please!??!

    12. 03. 2013 08:38


I agree with Mezak that KM BB crews should try to get as much repair as they can.

Therefore, I wouldn't use elite sailors for gunners, AA gunners and engies.

11/11 gunners with 10 or 11 for repair are good main gunners.

9/12 gunners with 10 or 11 repair are good AA gunners.

For engies, I'd only use 10/x/12 for rep/res/eng

A good scout is aircraft 12 with repair 11

A good BO is potential 13 with repair 12 (enables you to take off less recruits later when adjusting guidelines, so you keep a lot of repair) or maybe potential 14 with repair 12. Mine is potential 15 with repair 11, and I regret leveling him (at level 107, I need to take off a lot of recruits to adjust guidelines - that reduces my repair as well).

The only elites worth getting are repair elites.

That's a "normal" setup. "Crazy" people would use elite repairs also for gunners, AA gunners, BO, scout, and even engies (late-classed) and vet the heck out of them...

  • Re : Best Guide for KM BB Crew Please!??!

    12. 03. 2013 09:01


AA gunners can be late classed to take advantage of some extra repair as has been mentioned above but don't class beyond AA gunners as there is no benefit - only a loss in accuracy.