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  • ss6 i-400?

    12. 11. 2013 09:32


Anyone get to the Ss6, I-400? is it any good? if not realeased, any idea what it can or would do?



  • Re : ss6 i-400?

    12. 11. 2013 11:50


its already in the game like the other nations ss5.5/6, its just that less players use it...

it got 8 torp tube (all front), can launch 4 tbs at once,  it got 8 supports slot, speed don't know i don't have 1 :D but i mostly saw that they go 37 knt surface and 30-31 submerged...

  • Re : ss6 i-400?

    01. 31. 2014 18:15


The only time I've seen one, I was too busy staring at it to realize that the sub's torp planes had singled me out for attack.

However the speeds listed by the person above me do sound pretty accurate. Speedy thing with reasonably good attack, made more by the torpedo planes. 

  • Re : ss6 i-400?

    03. 06. 2014 20:29


What is the max speed of IJN SS 5.5?

  • Re : ss6 i-400?

    03. 06. 2014 22:08


Originally Posted by SSquadleader

What is the max speed of IJN SS 5.5?

With my crew of 5 Engineers aboard BVE, I get only 37 knots with 210 secs of OH.

  • Re : ss6 i-400?

    03. 07. 2014 09:53


I am up to 250 secs of OH and same thing, 37 knots is max.

The main problem this SS has is RLD, my torpman is lvl 115 with 4000 skill and 150 vets. It takes too long at this point to reload.


However, because the air time is so great, you do get time to crit dive etc and wait out the big BBs.


I play this SS cautiously. I will head for enemy lines then dive and turn around and let those SSs that *always* head straight for IJN subs come to your HH line. then you have all the time to get to their CVs/BBs.

Doesn't do well on the surface, its weak. Even with 900 SD.


Does huge DMG, its a nice perk. Has enough torps (59) to get the job done every game.


EIDT: 8 front torpedo tubes is excellent, in fact you can be very effective on gradual against other SSs if you are patient. Drrop out of OH and slow to 10 knots, and keep your torps directly at the enemy, don't let them get too close or your toast because you can't proxy like KM and you  can't turn fast or fire out the rear.


conclusion: if you have an excellent elite torper and hit the reload cap, this thing is an elite killer. 7 salvos of 8 torps is massive damage. huge splash radius and good damage means your 31 knots OH underwater still won't let a bb6 get away unless you have to crit dive often.


basically it is the patient version of the SS4, and it has the airtime and 5 engineer slots to make it work, and go further as the SS4 has limited torps/airtime

  • Re : ss6 i-400?

    05. 16. 2014 15:52


I believe Zaff means SS5.  I still think the SS4 is the best sub in game.