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  • Gunner class

    12. 13. 2013 22:06


All classing info on gunners seems to be old. for Rn bb gunner go reload all the way i get it. but do you late class for added acc or on time class? these are hero boosted sailors classed as arm sailors now. they are going to be main gunners i have another set of guners at lvl 97 now that are acc elite and work in Gb but want some for WAW. thanx


  • Re : Gunner class

    12. 14. 2013 00:51


Just class them on time to reload,

Especially for hero sailors, you literally only gain the acc cap a  few levels earlier as armament  than as reloaders. Besides the fact that we don't know exactly at what value  the acc cap is, only the old 1. Old value hero sailor as reload would cap in the very early 70's high 60's maybe, so it might be mid 70's now. But they'll be acc cap by the 80's.

Just go for the truely epic W@W reload.