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  • Japan's extra scout

    01. 06. 2014 08:48


For those of you that are not aware, IJN nation has one more scout than everyone else... in fact, it always has.  Back in beta, it was a very useful piece but today... it sees virtually zero (no pun intended) use in NF.


What is this scout?


Well, if you are looking in the game info right now you will see it called the A6M2-N (lvl 70).  This is a float plane designed around the infamous Zero fighter.  Back in the day, this aircraft was quite affectionately known as the "fighter scout."  And yes, back in the day (bofore modern scouts/fighters doing INSANE speeds with MEGA firepower and AP defence... ie powercreep) it was quite a good fighter scout.  A good ijn BB player was capable not only of aaing down your aircraft, but of using his fighter scout to give you trouble also.  Further, you often would see fighter scouts on hybrid ships like the ISE, Mog CV and Oyodo CV (they were cv's back then) due to the plane space restrictions of these "carriers"

So again, the Zero fighter scout was a nice aircraft.


Today...  it is no longer very fast... it takes up the most plane space of any scout in game, it has by far the least fuel of any scout in game, has the least sight range of any scout in game, and has very low AP defense and DP considering it is considered at least partially as a "fighter" being that it has the highest offensive power of any scout in game.


What a shame it wasn't touched up in the last aircraft patch to still be competitive in modern NF...  Today, much like the US aa gunner, the Zero fighter scout has fallen to the wayside and been lost... but not forgotten by all.


Shame really.  :\



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    01. 07. 2014 22:24


thanks for sharing, I never knew that

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    01. 08. 2014 08:45


I totally agree with you Hero, maybe the test team can do something about it. 

It should be a IJN perk, like they also have had with their early cv's.


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    01. 08. 2014 13:02


This is NF that we talking about. Imagine the worst possibility and not the best. 

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    01. 09. 2014 10:12


In all honesty, only two to three things need to be changed.  I'll comment on 5 that would be great though.


It needs to be MORE like a ftr in some ways and MORE like a scout in others.


more like a fighter:

1.  the BIGGEST change that needs to take place is a AP defense buff from 10(now) to 23.  The fighter it is based on has AP defense of 25, so i think this is acceptable considering it has big floats and extra fuel tanks and such.

2.  Its DP is currently 100... the fighter is 184.  Why different (its the same exact plane)?  Make the scout 184 DP also.

3.  The fighter scout has the least fuel in game (150).  Give it the same fuel of the IJN T1 scout (200). 

4.  Historically the scout version had the exact same cannons as the fighter version.  Boost the attack from 100 to 115 so it is identical to the fighter.

5.  It'd be nice to be able to carry more also... again, this is an IJN advantage.  If you cannot hold any planes, who cares?  So drop the required space from 60 to 45 to match the T4 scout.


Done, fighter scout is viable after changing 5 numbers.



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    01. 10. 2014 00:36


Very nice OP - thank you.

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    01. 15. 2014 10:49


I'll tell you what would be fun, lol.  Right now we have the AsM2-N type 2 Zero scout at lvl 70.  This is based on the lvl 70 A6M2 Zero fighter... but MUCH weaker.

IJN nation advantage= hybrids.  The current fighter scout was good years ago, but is outclassed now.  SO, how about a new hybrid scout based on an aircraft that existed?

The lvl 100 ijn fighter is the N1K-J "Shiden."  This aircraft also had a float plane variant called the N1K-1 Kyofu.  Lets get a hybrid scout at lvl 100.  


Proposed numbers: (would probably have to alter the fuel and required space.)  But this would make for a fighter scout capable of shooting down other scouts... which was the intent of the original aircraft prior to all the new planes and other BS... truly giving IJN players something to look forward to other than SY... being that it is basically the only high point of playing IJN.

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    01. 15. 2014 13:36


Indeed Hero, I have fond memories of the fighter scouts in blitz. 


As for the last aircraft patch, those whos oppinions the test team and TNF care about dont give a shit about these sorts of things and no one really wants to put the effort in to fix things proper anyway.

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    01. 16. 2014 03:11


Just to make a first post somewhere : If NF is accurate about one thing than that the type N of the Zero (A6M namely) is not realy manoverable, fast or durrable (play WT to see how that thing handles and the zero (wich is the same) 1 t lvl above it wich is the Zero without the hydro addon and YES play it on Historical till Realistic ... and even in arcade it doesnt fly well). Its nothing else but a Scout (the Yamato had better once onbord wich where more capable of air fighting as well as bombing SS wich NF still doesnt have (they where equiped with Bombs or Anti sup bombs for a reason as well as CVE (wich we dont have in NF1 btw but would be a nice addition against SS as a new category of ships) had them on mass (especiel RN CVE wich hunted german subs)

Back to thread: NF just put the Fighter Scout back into his role as a scout only ... no hydroplane is capable of fighting its equivalent launched from a carrier ... the only thing that they should change is that fighter/bomber cannot be hit by AAW anymore (wich is bullshit giving that some of the bigger ships (mainly the yamato) took not only a huge beating while evading planes NO she actualy shoot down some and damadged many other's)

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    01. 16. 2014 08:08


That is your first NF post?  Are you familiar with the game mechanics and how maneuverability is interpreted numerically?  The decreased ability to manuver is reflected in the numbers presented.


and second... are you trying to say that the Zero, in its time, did not fly well?

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    01. 20. 2014 01:55


Originally Posted by HeroEnVec

and second... are you trying to say that the Zero, in its time, did not fly well?

He's specifically addressing the A6M2-N's maneuverability in real life, which is good for a floatplane but pretty bad for a fighter, despite its root from the legendary dogfighter. Either way it doesn't have much weight in game balancing because NF is... well, NF.

The Rufe does seem neglected after all these major aircraft rebalancing. The N1K Kyofu would be a nice addition, but since the Rufe would be still broken, I personally don't think it's a good idea to add that in as a fix to the Rufe's lost role. I say we just fix the Rufe.

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But if you want to go historian mode, the Zero is not a particularly good fighter design. Its maneuverability is indeed incredible, but the cost of achieving it and other technical limitations made it a sub-par design.

The Zero was designed around maneuverability and maneuverability only. To achieve this, the airframe is lightened to its very extreme and armor is basically non-existant. This led to several problems.

First of all and most obviously, the lack of armor means the Zero cannot take hits well. It's notorious for catching fire once hit, and coupled with the complete lack of cockpit protection saw the loss of many ace pilots' lives -- a resource that Japan simply could not afford to lose. Saburo Sakai was famous for surviving in a damaged Zero, while the man was a truly skilled legendary pilot, it kind of makes sense to think that the incident became famous because you aren't meant to survive in a Zero that got hit.

Secondly, the airframe is, simply put, fragile. The accuracy of the wing-mounted 20mm cannons was bad because the wings couldn't take the recoil well, and that's really bad because the cannons have a very low amount of reserve ammunition (60 rounds per gun on the A6M2, on comparison the Fw190 has 250 rpg). The Zero also suffers from a slow dive speed limit because of it, a weakpoint that was discovered by the US and heavily exploited.

Thirdly, as a carrier-based fighter, compactness is a serious design aspect that should not be overlooked. The folding wing patent was filed in 1913, and by WW2 most naval combat aircraft has the design.

Fig: US Navy aircraft on deck, wings folded

The Zero is a notable exception, along with several other Japanese naval aircraft. It has folding wingtips, which are largely useless at reducing its size while in storage.

Fig: Zero with wingtips folded

Japan also had difficulties designing and producing a more powerful engine for the Zero. So for the entire war it was grossly underpowered, which explains its slow level flight speed. A supercharged version (A6M4), which would have improved the Zero's performance at high attitiude (so that it doesn't get pwned up there that badly late-war), was also abandoned because they couldn't get it working reliably.

With performance gained entirely from a superlight airframe and unable to get away from the underpowered engine (which, btw, is also what they were compensating for with that superlight airframe), upgrades to the Zero also proved to be a problem. The A6M5 had strengthened its airframe to allow a quicker dive, some minor engine tunings to increase speed by an almost neglibible factor, more spare ammunition for the 20mm cannons (125 rpg for the A6M5b), and improved pilot survivibility (A6M5b/c). These minor improvements, however, were gained with the loss of much of the Zero's signature maneuverability, so whether it is a true improvement remains a heated debate even to this day.

All in all, the Zero is a one-trick pony that specializes in turning battle (and giving credit where credit's due, it is very damn good at it) and is mediocre or just plain sucks at everything else. Once the Allied learned of its secrets, developed counter-Zero tactics (ie. DON'T get into a turning battle with a Zero) and deployed much more powerful warplanes (e.g. F6F Hellcat), the Zero's legendary status was quickly broken.