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  • Wing mounts?

    07. 27. 2011 21:26

Hi I'm kinda new-ish to navyfield, i made an account awhile ago but i'm actually playing it now. So I'm on the USN line and I just got my Atlanta class CL. I see it has what I believe are "wing" mounts and I was wondering if I put a gun on one side of the ship, will there be another on the other side???

Edit: I don't know if they're wing mounts but it's on one side and not the other and I have OCD with stuff like this. It needs to be symmetrical


  • Re : Wing mounts?

    07. 27. 2011 22:08

They don't automatically add one to the other side when you add one. You need to manually add both. Also, I would suggest not using either of them if you're using auto because of their weird arcs. If you're using manual, they wing turrets will have the same range of motion as the other back guns, but won't fire outside of their default arcs.

That last bit probably sounds a little confusing. Sorry.

  • Re : Wing mounts?

    07. 28. 2011 06:57

Wing Mounts? I think your talking about the T Slots. Depending on what nation and ship you use, you'll most likely use them for either AA or Torps. Not actual guns that can fire HE Shells on another target, too messy.

  • Re : Wing mounts?

    07. 28. 2011 07:32

nope, he's probably asking the extra 2 side guns on atlanta r slot,

its all up to you to put guns at that slot, if you want to put it, better start praticing aiming fcs cause with auto, if you fire all at either side the other side gun will fire on opposite direction

but to me, its better to leave those empty