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    07. 28. 2011 11:26

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I think it would be awesome if these were added.

STRAFING:  Basically with fighters you autoselect a target like TB and DB.  Also you can strafe through smoke.  Only effective on small ships such as APAs, DDs, and FFs.  Also your bombers could do this to ships after they bomb, but that doesn't have to be added.

BOMBS FOR FIGHTERS:  This has been bought up before and I think it would be a great addition as well.  Say you could load a 200 pound bomb on a fighter.  The offensive power would be roughly 500 on an HE bomb and 100-200 on an AP bomb.  Bombing works the same as DB.  The disadvantage of a bomb is that speed and mobility are reduced.  You could choose when readying planes whether or not to load a bomb. (loading a bomb would take 3-5 seconds longer)

DIFFERENT ORDINANCE ON BOMBERS:  It would be awesome if you could choose what you loaded onto your bombers.  In the ordinance loading screen, a feature to choose what bombs you load would show up.  Possible combinations include: 1x 1000 pound bomb, 2x 500 pound bomb, 4x 250 pound bomb, 1x 500 pound + 2x 250 pound etc.  There could be a small screen that pops up after you choose what bombs you want to use (you can choose multiple types) that asks you what combination you want.  Maximum load would be 1000 pounds.



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    07. 28. 2011 16:49

This sounds good but that with the bombs gonna be hard to code up and SDE got allot on right now.
Fighters with bombs should be changed to a multi role fighter/bomber some carry 6-8 machingun ammo and a example on a multi role fighter BF 109 some could carry a bomb weight of 250 kg or 4x 50 kg bomb.
American multi role should be P-51with either 8x rockets some do 200-400 damage each (the while only shoot 2 rockets each engagment).
I can look up on russia,french,japan and british multi roles to.

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    07. 28. 2011 23:22

i allso was thinking for a Fighter Bomber for T5 lvl (120) fighter or the ability to lay mines like scouts :D