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  • Any good share/hosting service?

    02. 27. 2014 18:14


Is there actually any good sharing/hosting file service?


Dropbox is starting to annoy the crap out of me with the storage capacity. I don't want to start spamming people in order to get more space.

Heck, mediafire deletes your files if the download activities is low.

Gamefront, is a piece of fail, that does delete faster than mediafire.

Curse to whatever service that counts the downloading session and ask you to try in the next 24 hours.


So yea, any hosting service without any crap they tell you ?


  • Re : Any good share/hosting service?

    02. 28. 2014 12:33


I've been using Google Drive.

Sharing is a pain in the a.., public links/sharing is a 2 click step. Honestly I've used Mediafire for publicly downloadable files for years, and I have files that are now 3 years with 0 downloads that are still up. Unless deleting files happens on newer accounts and not older accounts I'm a little confused.

Another trick I use, is I have server space from when I hosted the FAWK Gaming website a few years ago, as well as another website is still run (Plus a new one I'm setting up). I just use the raw server IP URL instead of the domain name for those files. 

  • Re : Any good share/hosting service?

    02. 28. 2014 15:36


The policy applies to non subscriber.

Basically, accounts must not be a storage account or looks like one , for my use, I have a lot of backup files in which I will be only used for myself. Those files are outnumbering my sharing files and so I want to avoid unecessarily delete.