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  • Using Google Sketchup, need help!

    04. 24. 2014 12:03


Hey guys, So Im kinda in a bit of a pickle. I have a project due next Thursday.
I wasn't able to progress with solving the problem in itself, but I have progressed the project perfectly fine. However, I had tasked one of the CAD lecturers with drawing a parachute on a CAD program.

Turns out he hasn't had time to get it done and has only just told me!

I tried self teaching to use a proper CAD program, but along with other assignments and trying to get my project done, as well as working full time (Im on an apprenticeship), it just isn't feasible within the short time period.
Someone pointed me towards google sketchup. It seems relatively easy enough, and I have just had a go on it. My problem is I don't think I have enough time to figure this thing out and design a perfectly good parachute image that is suitable to put up on a display.

Is there anyone here that is more than competent with the program?
I found a parachute design that someone else has done already (go to'Get models', in the search bar, search parachute, 16th row down, 1st on the left) that can easily be imported, but I couldn't figure out how to seperate the parts, or individually select certain pieces etc. What I would like to have designed, is this: 

Essentially copy the parachute canopy, paste it so there is 2, and attach them together so they are offset as in the linked image above.

If anyone is able to help in anyway, please pm me or leave a message here! 


  • Re : Using Google Sketchup, need help!

    04. 25. 2014 10:22


Oh ****, you're still alive?


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No seriously, don't start modeling the bottom or top one and then copy. You'll end up having too much trouble. Start a section design with one on top and bottom with the rope attached.

Then do a pattern repeat. You will have the two parachute attached together.


To finish, you will have to do manually to start with. Select the edge in order to get the points and then draw lines to the cargo or box or whatever you call it.

  • Re : Using Google Sketchup, need help!

    04. 26. 2014 08:08


Yeah Im still alive :P
Playing WoT now and then, but mainly concentrating on getting through my apprenticeship for the moment.
Wuts wrong with my album? :P

So you mean, do like, one of the parachute cells individually, and do it so I have the upper and bottom part done, including the suspension lines, and the ribs that hold the upper and lower section together, and then copy that and attach them side by side?

Is it possible to delete parts of the downloaded one and simply copy/paste them? Or is it literally a start from scratch kinda thing? 

  • Re : Using Google Sketchup, need help!

    04. 26. 2014 12:39


Copy paste

It depends on its use. If you just want a parachute for the sake of having it. Then yea, most part would be within one body.

However, if you plan to do analysis or kinematics review, that is where it becomes too complicated. You will need to model individually and then assemble with constraints.

Deleting parts to copy paste really depends on the files format. If it's a standard file such as IGES/STEP, you might be able to tweak. If it's STL then it would be a pain in the ass. If you got the proprietary file format it could be done much easier if it supports "tree feature."