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  • FF/DD and the range of PHH

    07. 31. 2011 13:47

So as long as they use Prem HH, small ships like FF/DD1/DD2 can have a 7/14/21 round salvo, with greater range and damage than any guns normally available at their respective level. Whats up with that? I mean, I'm just sayin. I wanted to mention this incase anybody had forgotten. . .  you know. . .  how lame PHH have become. I dont think they should be removed from the game, but i look forward to some well thought out changes to their attributes and how they can be played. 


  • Re : FF/DD and the range of PHH

    07. 31. 2011 17:09

They should only do serious damage when impacting a ship directly and against submerged targets. They shouldn't be doing mine-worthy damage to surface vessels while they're floating in the water.

Their slow reload speed already makes them dubious to rely on as your only "gun", so that helps keep them in check somewhat. On the other hand, I would welcome a range reduction to HH, to make depth charges a little more competitive.