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  • Armor & Gun Money

    08. 01. 2011 17:17

SDE we beg of you stop giving us the run around when will our money be back from the EEBs and SS4...
I dont own a single MN or SN ship & since the patch i am still out a little over 20m... I Ask for a timeline...
You claim it will be fix with the last patch no such luck... I speak for myself and the many users i know who have
spoken with me on the same problem on vent....

I will say thanks for the quick money back for the bb6s sold even tho i dont see why they needed to be sold
to begin with... 

Post here if you have the same problem hopeful SDE will see the outcry and we can stop flooding the mods
with tickets they cant fix....


  • Re : Armor & Gun Money

    08. 01. 2011 17:34

The BB6 Armor cell data was change, which is the reason for the BB6s being sold. Which is normal when a ship has a number changed.

EBBs and SS4s, care to reveal what was ninja patched? I'm pretty sure on what happened to SS4s, but I keep getting run arounds about the EBBs. Why some and other's weren't sold as well...

Edit: I posted in the SS4 thread on what happened to them...